Nightcafe: Generate Images Quickly!

Nightcafe: Generate Images Quickly!

If you are looking to generate images for content. This is a great tool.

The image above was generated using Nightcafe in 3 sec with the prompt “Ai Scientist”, stable diffusion model v1.5, Style CGI Character….with 3 clicks.

Nightcafe is an affordable and powerful tool to quickly generate images.

It eliminates the complexity, yet let’s use the latest models easily.

Let’s look a the features.

Generation, let’s walk through the process:

1- Choose a model

2- Choose a style

3- Enter a text prompt

And voila! Simple and fast.

I really like the ease of switching between models, style and changing prompts.


Additionally, you can edit the image by using the first image created.

See below the first image with the added prompt of “hat”

Storage and management of images:

Nightcafe saves you images in your account so you can easily retrieve them.

Pricing :

You use credit to generate images. Depending on the complexity of the image and model use, you will use more or less credits.

The cost for 100 credits is $4.79.

You can get volume discounts by buying more at a time, for instance, 1400 credits for $39.99.

They offer free credits to get started at no cost and no CC.

I highly recommend you try it today!

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