Tactiq: Call notes powered by AI

Tactiq: Call notes powered by AI

Their tagline says it well.” Lead the conversation, we'll take care of the notes

With Tactiq's real-time transcription of Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams and Webex you'll never miss a word.”

Tactiq offers 1 product and does it well :

You install their plug-in..and then when you launch a meeting, it will automatically take notes, create highlights, and a summary. Simple and powerful!

It works on Zoom, MS Teams, GoogleMeet, and Webex.

It comes with a few extra features such as :


-Action items from the meeting

-Action items from the meeting Raw transcript

-How long each person spoke


With such a tool, many integrations are key. You want to be able to take these Ai powered meeting notes and summaries directly into the tools you use every day.
Tactiq has a lot of integrations:


They offer a FREE version. You can use this version for 10 meetings per month, I highly recommend you try it.

If you want to upgrade, the cost is reasonable and starts at $8/month.

Overall, the product works well with the right features at a reasonable price.

You should use it / try it!

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