Check out this AI Tool to Convert YouTube Videos into Viral Shorts & TikToks

Check out this AI Tool to Convert YouTube Videos into Viral Shorts & TikToks

From TikTok to Instagram Reels, short videos continue to trend across social media channels. Although YouTube Shorts is the newest of the major short-form video apps, catchy videos are already the most popular. According to YouTube executives, shorts are ideal for introducing your brand to a new audience, which makes them a key component of the customer journey. And to make this work much easier for you we are here with a new AI tool that helps you create your long videos into shorts Klap.

How Does Klap Work?

Klap uses advanced AI technology to generate short clips from your YouTube videos. Simply paste your YouTube link into Klap, and the AI will automatically detect the best topics, focus on faces, and generate multi-lingual auto-captions. The result is a set of ready-to-publish short videos that can help you reach more people without extra work.

Let us begin with the complete step-by-step guide to making your long YouTube videos into viral shorts:

STEP 1: Visit the official Klap website and log in / sign up.

STEP 2: Paste your YouTube link into the provided field and click on 'Generate shorts'.

STEP 3: Wait for about 10 minutes to let Klap generate the best short-form videos out of the YouTube Link you provided.

STEP 4: Once the waiting game is over, you will be presented with several videos. Then just click on 'Edit & Export'.

STEP 5: Klap gives its users the opportunity to style and edit their videos however they want. Once all is done you just need to 'Export' your video.



Klap uses cutting-edge AI to generate short videos from your YouTube content. With Klap, you can create short videos 10x faster. Klap is easy to use. Just paste your YouTube link and let the AI do the rest. Klap automatically generates captions in multiple languages for your short videos.

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