Rask AI

Rask AI

Meet Rask AI โ€“ a one-stop-shop localization tool that allows content creators and companies to translate their videos into 130+ languages quickly and efficiently. With "Text-to-Voice" and "Voice Cloning" technologies, you can add a professional-quality voiceover to videos without the need for recording or hiring a voice actor. And now you can keep your own voice or your voiceover tone when dubbing.

Multispeaker detection and translation is a unique feature that we believe sets us apart from other services. Rask's AI team is proud to be one of the first to provide this experience. Over 28 Voice Clone languages are available at Rask AI! Whether you want to translate and generate a voice over for podcasts up to 2 hours, educational content, or make your game reviews available for viewers from all across the world - Rask AI is the ebay to go for both newcomers and experienced creators.

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Featured AI Tool: Breaking Down Language Barriers in Media: How Rask AI is Changing the Video Translation Game
Have you ever stumbled upon a fascinating video, online masterclass, or podcast that you couldnโ€™t fully enjoy simply because it was in a language you didnโ€™t understand? What if there was a tool that not only translated such content into your preferred language but also maintained the original vocalโ€ฆ
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