Meet Augie: The Real Future of AI Video Creation! Make Pro-Quality Videos Effortlessly (Accessible to All)

Meet Augie: The Real Future of AI Video Creation! Make Pro-Quality Videos Effortlessly (Accessible to All)

Feeling the struggle in the age of digital content creation? It is never easy to grab eyeballs in this sea of scrolling thumbs. You need to create content that is visually stunning, and engaging throughout. But wait, that's not all! To dominate the algorithms you need consistency and quality that outshines your previous work and the competition. Feeling overwhelmed? Fear not! Augie, the innovative AI tool for video creation by Aug X Labs, is here to help.

Creating a viral-worthy piece of content is never easy. Augie is an innovative video creation tool that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to create captivating, engaging, and professional-quality video from simple inputs such as text and audio. Augie doesn’t just create videos - it helps you to visually tell a story and bring them to life with its streamlined yet feature-rich platform.

Why Use Augie?

Video creation is a long tiring process, Augie shortens your video creation process allowing you to create more without losing creativity. Augie does everything for you from video transcription using AI to media match-making from premium Getty stock media (images & videos). Augie is so easy to use, that it eliminates the need for video professionals. It can be used by marketers, small businesses, and even large enterprises - Even You!

Features that redefine content creation:
  • AI Transcription & Media Match-Making: 

Famous YouTuber MrBeast in a recent tweet said he is going to focus more on storytelling and personality. Guess what? Augie can convert your inputs (texts/audio) into visual stories, which are made possible and backed by perfect media matching from Getty stock images and videos as well.

  • Storyteller Feature:

Text-to-video generation is a popular generative AI feature. Augie, being a video creation platform not behind the curve in terms of AI video generation. Augie storyteller is perfect for families to create fun bedtime animated stories. With a simple idea, Augie allows you to convert ideas into personalized AI videos giving a whole new meaning to bringing ideas to life and creating ever-lasting memories, but this time being powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Ultimate Media Integration:

It is clear that Augie gives you access to the premium Getty stock images & videos, allowing you to produce the best quality content. However, not only you can stock images & videos, but you can also add and use your own media so that your content reflects your personality.

  • Editing and Customisation:

Augie’s goal is to bring your vision to life, hence it gives you all the accessibility, special effects, and features you need to make the content you intended to make. How good is Augie at that? You can upload recordings recorded from your laptop and Augie will tune out a masterpiece, which you can further edit with its diverse editing capabilities.

  • Future Proof - 2024 Innovative Roadmap:

There is a difference between ability and potential. Most of the time an AI tool either has some potential or ability. Then there’s Augie - a tool with potential and ability. It might be safe to say Augie is futureproof just by looking at their 2024 roadmap which is full of innovation - users will experience a refreshed UI, text drag-and-drop capabilities, enhanced animation capabilities, and an extended library of transitions and effects.

How to Create Video Content with Augie:

Step 1 Accessing the Tool: The first step after creating your Augie account is to choose between, “Storyteller” and “Classic Create”. While the storyteller helps you to make fun animated videos, the classic create helps you make videos for your business.

Augie’s Classic Create helps marketers and businesses to create professional quality videos while simplifying the content creation process making them ready for your commercial usage. Augie Storyteller on the other hand is an amazing feature that helps you create fun animated videos but is not for commercial use just yet. 

Step 2 Storyteller: If you select the storyteller. 

  • You will need to prompt the story plot - it can be as simple as you want or as creative as you want it to be. 
  • Then you can add in your own script or let Augie generate one for you once you have the story plot and the desired script. 
  • You can choose one of many voices for the voiceover or you can record yourself. After that simply choose the video style.

Step 3 Classic Create: If you select classic create. 

  • You will have three options to choose from - Pairing visuals with your audio or video, turning a script into video, and starting from scratch. 
  • Pairing visuals with your audio or video and turning a script into video is fairly simple. Just add your audio or video - choose video orientation and appearance or add the script, voiceover voice, orientation, and appearance.
  • When you start from scratch - you have more flexibility and options. Choose the video objective - Augie will then create an editable script for you - select the voice actor, video orientation, and appearance. Review and complete.

Step 5 Edit & Export: You can easily edit the video content within the platform itself. You are presented with all the editing tools you may require - allowing you to create the video you always envisioned. You can export it with one click!


If you are wondering if Augie is worth it - then the answer is yes, Augie is indeed worth it. There is no other tool to cater to all marketing needs while being as affordable, accessible, creative, and efficient as Augie. You can get a premium experience throughout in the form of user experience, content media, and the creation process.  You can create professional quality content using Getty stock images and videos without paying the professional grade cost. While Augie may only seem like a working professional tool, however, with the introduction of Augie Storyteller - Augie can be part of every household as an animated storyteller that allows you to create animated bedtime and family stories without you needing to break a sweat. The tool is future-proof and future-ready. If you are searching for that all-in-one tool then you must give Augie a shot. Augie is for everyone.

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