10 Easy To Use AI Tools

10 Easy To Use AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere in 2023, either in robots or everyday software products you use. You could be using AI software right now without even realizing it. Some people with conspiracy theories might suggest that AI is here to take over the world and rule humanity, however, the truth is that we are the ones controlling AI and will be going forward using its advancements to boost our efficiency and positive growth.

Just like we will be checking out the following 10 AI tools to boost our positive growth and efficiency:


Supernormal lives in your Chrome extension ready to take notes for you - whether it is a Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Ever got something wrong just because you do not remember what you were supposed to do? Now you won’t.

Browse AI:

You can now be a super agent and extract any specific day you fancy to monitor any websites of your choice. You can even schedule it to get notified of changes so that you can stay on target and never lose it.


You can be sneaky and add this tool to your Google Chrome extension to browse, read, and write faster and much easier. It is an extension that has most if not all things you need from an AI tool. AI assistant, anyone?

Nero AI:

Nero AI is a simple AI tool. You just upload the picture whose resolution you wanna increase and the AI help will help you do that without losing the image quality. It is that simple.

Tugan AI:

Repurposing doesn’t only work just for saving nature. You can repurpose any content out there for your greater good. For example, you can take a high-performance YouTube video and turn it into a high-performance thread for X. 

👉 Click here to find out what more you can do with Tugan.ai

Motion AI:

We all love and appreciate ChatGPT and Bard. But we cannot attach them to our websites and expect them to convert clients for us. So why not just build a chatbot that you know can be attached to our websites and convert clients, and you do not even need to code? God bless AI.

Promptpal AI:

Been scrolling around from one tool to the other? From ChatGPT to Bard to MidJourney to Claude and on and on. Why don’t just have them all in one place? Take your productivity and boost it whether you are a solo player or a team player.


Marketing is hard. However, you can make it easy with AI. You just need high-performing copies supported by real data, which is plagiarism-free, and which can flow across different channels. I wonder if there is any tool? I wonder if it is Anyword.

Engage AI

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn can help you find connections that can help you in real life. However is it not that easy especially if you are a brand looking for clients. That is where this tool comes in and helps you save time and get your conversion rate rolling.


One. Two. Three. That’s how many clicks you need to generate a fully loaded ready-for-action website. And by the time you finish reading this paragraph, you could own your website in just 30 seconds.

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