7 Steps to Make and Sell eBooks Online Using AI Tools

7 Steps to Make and Sell eBooks Online Using AI Tools

Do you know the most famous way of making money? Well for the longest time and in today’s world also, one of the most famous ways of making money is by selling a product. However, a major problem is that most people do not have a product to sell, because, most people do not have enough time to come up with an idea and build a product due to it being a risky financial investment, not knowing the market, and entrepreneurship in general is not a child’s play. You need to dedicate so much of your life on a product that might not work.

However! Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean you can not do it. All you need to know is how you can not do it without risking too much. You can not rely on dropshipping as you are not selling a product that is yours and if the customer is unsatisfied with your product you are the one facing the consequences. Here’s where you can use the following AI tools to create a product of your own, market it, and sell it all while having full creative control over it.

Selling e-books may not sound like a big billion-dollar idea because it is not, but, you can indeed make some profit from it if you do it just right. 

Step 1: Go to your preferred AI Chatbot - could be ChatGPT, Google Bard, Claude by Anthropic, or you can choose one from here.

Step 2: Enter a prompt describing the story plot so that AI can generate a perfect story for you.

Step 3: Generate AI images that resemble your story. You can use Shutterstock AI* to get the best possible outcome or you can use Ideogram

Click here to see how Shutterstock AI works. 👀

Step 4: Create a perfect book cover using Kittl* which is similar to Canva but could be better appreciated by most people. 

Step 5: Put everything together. If you do not want so much, you can just use StoryBird AI* to generate personalized AI stories.

Click here to see how to use it. 👀

Step 6: There are two ways to sell your ebooks. You can sell your Ebooks on platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, and Apple Books. What you can also do is start your own e-commerce store or website - have full control over everything and run things your way. You can use Shopify* to start your e-commerce store or you can build your own website using Hostinger* in minutes. 

Step 7: Now all you are left with is marketing. Marketing could be one of the most challenging aspects as most people do not know how to market well hence you can use AI tools like AdCreative.ai* to make the adverts, and you can use Predis.ai or Pencil* to create perfect social media and marketing posts.

You can even check out more AI marketing tools here

Following the above-mentioned steps could help you earn some profit but the result may not be the same for everyone. Make sure to take it as an opportunity to try different AI tools rather than a business opportunity that would make you millions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fascinating resource that we all should try to take full advantage of and use at its fullest. Don’t miss the AI revolution and take full advantage of it. 

*We do make a small affiliate profit when you buy this product through the click link

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