10 AI-Powered Project Management Tools for Agile Project Managers

10 AI-Powered Project Management Tools for Agile Project Managers
10 AI-Powered Project Management Tools for Agile Project Managers
What is project management?

Project management is a structured approach to plan and organize resources, like people and budgets, to efficiently achieve your goals. From construction projects to software development, project management is a versatile method that helps ensure the successful completion of any project. The person who leads a team and the structured approach is called a project manager. 

A project manager has multiple responsibilities! The project manager leads the project from conception to completion, juggling tasks like defining goals, creating detailed plans, and keeping everything on time and within budget. They also act as communicators, negotiators, and problem-solvers, ensuring quality and leading the project to a successful outcome.

The world is evolving and so does project management. Initially, project management just had the waterfall approach which evolved with time, and now most employers want their project managers to be agile project managers. A good agile project manager needs software that can help them plan, track, monitor, and control those projects. In this artificial intelligence (AI) world there are plenty of AI tools that support the modern-day project manager and help them deliver the best quality projects.

Here are the 10 best project management tools every project manager needs:


Notion is one of the most popular productivity tools which is perfect for modern-day agile project managers. Notion offers a variety of features one of them being project management. Notion cuts through project management chaos with a powerful, AI-assisted workspace. Break down complex projects, visualize tasks in calendars or boards, and automate workflows to streamline team collaboration.  Notion uses the power of AI to write better project docs, automate updates, and manage sprints - all in one place.


If you are frustrated by overflowing to-do lists and missing deadlines then Motion is for you. Motion is the best tool that can help you manage your time and be more productive. With Motion AI you can manage your scheduling, meetings, tasks, and projects all in one place.  Motion is an AI-powered project management tool that uses a proprietary algorithm to plan your work, prioritize tasks, and even create a schedule for you. This AI tool frees up your time to focus on what matters most and helps both individuals and teams achieve peak productivity.

Microsoft Project:

Not sure which project management tool to choose because all you find are complex project management tools. Microsoft Project is a project management software by Microsoft that is designed for everyone. This powerful yet user-friendly application tackles projects of all sizes, simplifying collaboration and keeping you in control - whether you're a well-experienced professional project manager or a team member diving in. You have the ability to plan, track, and deliver with ease, while using Microsoft Teams integration and real-time updates for seamless teamwork, even across continents.


One of the most popular project management tools is Monday.com. Monday.com is a project management tool that streamlines everything from task management and team collaboration to budget tracking and data visualization. Monday makes your workflow more efficient, automates repetitive tasks, and gains real-time project insights from your team - all on a single, intuitive platform. You can easily boost efficiency, improve decision-making, and keep your entire team in sync with Monday.com's powerful yet user-friendly features.


If you need a project management tool for free then you should not look further than Asana. Asana is a powerful free AI-powered project management tool that empowers teams to connect their work to strategic goals they want to achieve. With Asana you can go from streamlining marketing campaigns to centralizing product launches - Asana offers features to prioritize tasks, automate processes, and track progress in real time. Asana not only improves clarity and accountability but also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams work smarter and achieve greater goals.


ClickUp is a well-known free project management tool that can streamline workflows and boost productivity at the same time by centralizing all of your team's needs into a single platform that can do it all. ClickUp offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to visualize and manage projects in various ways, from classic Kanban boards to Gantt charts. ClickUp even takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to automate tasks and provide you with a more personalized experience, making it a powerful all-in-one solution for project success.


A good project manager needs good time management skills. Morgen, a project management tool designed to streamline your time management. It combines all your calendars into one interface, while also integrating with popular task managers, and offers features like time blocking and automated scheduling to help you stay on top of your project manager responsibilities and improve overall team productivity, unlike any other project management tool.


Assembly offers features to improve employee engagement, but its main usability lies in project management. This project management tool gives full empowerment to project managers by allowing them to create customized workflows, enabling team collaboration, and streamlining project execution.  It offers a central hub for tasks, communication, and automation, Assembly aims to simplify project manager responsibilities and increase overall project efficiency.

Jira Software by Atlassian:

Jira Software by Atlassian is the #1 project management tool, empowering teams to plan, track, and collaborate on projects of all sizes. From software development and marketing campaigns to operational requests and creative projects, Jira's flexibility and integrations keep teams aligned and efficient. You can easily break down complex work into manageable tasks, track progress visually, and automate workflows for smoother project execution.


The tool name says it all. ProjectManager is a project management tool that empowers project managers and their teams to achieve business excellence through powerful features such as planning, resource allocation, and reporting. This project management tool isn’t just a regular tool but it goes beyond the basics, offering functionalities like real-time resource management, mobile access for field updates, and customizable dashboards for more impactful portfolio control. You can streamline workflow, boost collaboration, and deliver projects faster with ProjectManager's comprehensive suite.

Project management is a structured approach to plan and complete projects. Project managers can and should use the following AI-powered tools including Notion, Motion, Microsoft Project, Monday.com, Asana, ClickUp, Morgen, Assembly, Jira Software by Atlassian, and ProjectManager. These tools help project managers plan, track, collaborate, and achieve successful project outcomes.

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