10 AI tools For Product Designers

10 AI tools For Product Designers


Midjourney is an advanced AI text-to-image generator adept at crafting a wide array of visuals, ranging from app icons to intricate product illustrations. In its latest iteration, Midjourney boasts the capability to produce highly realistic representations of humans and animals.

Framer AI

Framer AI revolutionizes website design by enabling rapid generation and publishing using AI technology. By simply describing your vision, the AI crafts the site for you, letting you swiftly tweak visual aspects like colors and fonts. Even web content is AI-generated, transforming your role from designer to curator, and ensuring an efficient, user-friendly experience.


Recraft AI is an innovative Art AI tool that transforms text prompts into captivating vector art. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it offers a range of thematic styles, allowing users to turn their words into visually stunning designs.


Canva is an online design and publishing platform that offers graphic design software solutions to its users. It empowers the user to create presentations, social media graphics, and other designs using a wide range of layouts, images, photo filters, icons, shapes, and fonts.

Uizard Autodesigner

Uizard Autodesigner, akin to Framer AI, empowers users to produce editable, multi-screen designs using straightforward text prompts. Ideal for crafting mobile apps and web layouts, Uizard offers the flexibility to select specific visual styles, letting users decide between light or dark themes and formal or informal aesthetics.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is a graphic design tool tailored for creating top-notch social media content, invitations, digital postcards, and various graphics, ensuring a professional finish to your designs.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a renowned text-to-image generator that stands out for its enhanced user control. Unlike Midjourney, it grants users the flexibility to tailor the image generation process by adjusting parameters such as the AI model, number of steps, and prompt strengths.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly, a cutting-edge AI-powered content creation tool by Adobe, is seamlessly integrated into the Creative Cloud suite for both Photoshop and Illustrator. Within Photoshop, users can effortlessly generate varied imagery using simple text prompts, enabling them to add, extend, or modify any image with pixel-perfect precision.

Claude 2

Claude 2 is an AI chatbot that rivals ChatGPT in terms of functionality. While both tools are comparable, Claude 2 offers certain benefits over ChatGPT. Notably, it possesses internet connectivity, enabling it to furnish users with current and pertinent information. Furthermore, beyond analyzing plain texts, Claude 2 is capable of examining attached files and delivering concise summaries of their content.

Gen-2 by RunwayML

Gen-2 is an advanced multi-modal system that utilizes AI to generate videos using text, images, and video clips.

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