10 AI Tools for Researchers

10 AI Tools for Researchers

Ph.D. in simple words means Doctor of Philosophy which is the highest attainable degree one could earn. Academia field is ever-evolving with Ph.D. researchers standing being the at frontline continuously pushing boundaries of knowledge creation and understanding across diverse academic disciplines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) as we know has emerged as a transformative force and has even empowered researchers with a suite of powerful AI tools to improve their academic research. 

In this comprehensive list, we will check out 10 AI tools specifically tailored for Ph.D./ Academic Researchers, which anyone can use. From chatbots to literature analysis and data visualization tools. These 10 groundbreaking AI solutions were poised to change the way Ph.D. scholars conduct research.


Perplexity is where knowledge begins. Perplexity claims to be the most powerful search engine due to its ability to perform as a chatbot and a smart search engine that can accurately answer your curiosities with up-to-date data sources. Perplexity AI can help researchers find information efficiently while giving you solutions and even suggestions to make your research more in-depth and easier to perform.


Researchers go through hundreds and thousands of papers throughout their Ph.D. program - A study conducted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) found that on average a Computer Science student reads an average of 30 papers per week - which is a lot. What ChatPDF allows you to do is chat with your research papers like ChatGPT and it is ChatGPT for your research PDFs. Helping you get the answer you need fast and letting you focus on what truly is important. *


Penelope is an AI tool that lets researchers check their academic manuscripts before submitting them to a journal. Penelope enables automated checks that are fast - delivering immediate helpful feedback to researchers. Penelope speeds up the publication process and helps the editors make the right choice. Researchers can get a full, annotated, and interactive report and see the top-level results.


Kudos lets you grow the influence of your research. Kudos can do it all in terms of helping researchers spread their influence. Gives you the ability to explain your research in plain and simple language and allows researchers to create stylish pages - making it possible for anyone to understand the research. There are other special features like the ability to create beautiful websites and build influence via social media.


Being a researcher isnโ€™t easy as you are constantly working on complex formal documentation and research, increasing the likeliness of human error interms of grammar and spelling. Grammarly is very well known and that is for a reason. Grammarly is free and so is its extension that lives in your browser allowing not only researchers but any professional or student to correct their grammar to improve their writing. *


Life as a PhD/ Academic researcher is very busy having to juggle multiple responsibilities such as conducting research, writing papers, teaching, and attending conferences. In this busy work life, you might not get to take your professional headshots. This is where the Aragon AI image generator comes into play where you upload just regular selfies and turn them into professional-looking headshots - saving you a lot of time and money. *


Litmaps is a literature discovery tool that allows fast research and discovery assisting researchers in finding vital scientific papers they might not know about allowing researchers to tell a better research story. Litmaps connects scientific researchers and discoveries so that researchers can visualize, expand, and communicate their research expertise for human advancements. 


Paper Digest is a platform that allows researchers to follow, search, review, and rewrite scientific literature without hallucinations helping researchers avoid generating unjustified results. Paper Digest gives real-time updates from hundreds of different sources.


Scite exists to help researchers better discover and understand research articles through smart citation. Scite has a browser extension that lives in your browser always there to answer any queries and claims made by people that may raise suspicion. You could be anywhere on the internet and you just need to select the text and right-click to get all information regarding the alleged claims made. Helping researchers find the most accurate support or even disagreements to the claims made.


Tableau helps explore the latest data trends in the age of AI. As a researcher, it is not only about conducting research but also about how to present it. Tableau AIโ€™s data visualization helps you show the data in the best way making it easier to explain and make the decision-making process faster in the age of AI where data management is done for you.

In this list of AI tools for Academic/ Ph.D. researchers, we tried to tackle the most important challenges faced by most researchers - assisting them on their Ph.D. journey while embracing the transformative power of AI and innovative tools/platforms to enhance their research prowess and elevating your productivity and making a lasting impact of the academic landscape.

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