13 AI Tools for Twitter in 2023

13 AI Tools for Twitter in 2023


Postwise focuses on automating and enhancing content creation, scheduling, and reach. The AI Tweet Writer and Twitter Thread Writer features help users craft engaging tweets and threads. With a free trial and transparent pricing, Postwise aims to be the most user-friendly Twitter management application.


Tweetmonk offers a comprehensive package for Twitter management, including thread editing and robust analytics. The AI-driven writing assistant enables users to draft high-performing tweets effortlessly. Additional features like a hashtag generator and a list of creative suggestions make Tweetmonk an all-in-one platform for Twitter management.


This Chrome extension uses artificial intelligence to generate attention-grabbing material automatically. Thunderclap allows users to start viral campaigns, send targeted DMs, and produce smart replies in over 20 different voices, making it an excellent tool for increasing user engagement.


From tweet generators to bio generators and stats generators, Trumpethouse offers a plethora of AI-enhanced tools. Its ChatGPT helps tailor content specific to your target demographic. With Trumpethouse, you can easily ideate, create, and analyze your Twitter activities.


This Twitter management solution uses AI to generate audience-specific tweets. Its automatic publishing feature and performance analytics dashboard make Cocoleco a robust yet straightforward tool for boosting Twitter engagement.

Tweet Writer (AI)

Available on the App Store and Google Play, this mobile app uses GPT-3 technology to create engaging tweets and responses in various tones. The AI system in Tweet Writer promises to evolve over time, offering improved output and accuracy.


Tweeter is another Chrome extension that allows users to generate high-quality material quickly. Its main goal is to improve user performance on Twitter, and it offers assurance that user data is secure.


This AI-powered tool helps users write engaging and effective tweets. Created by Taranjeet, Cookup is not limited to tweets; it even has programs that create rap tunes for Twitter profiles.

Flight Path

Flight Path offers a comprehensive tweet scheduling tool, including content calendars, AI-generated tweets, and tweet stats. The tool also offers unique CTA templates to encourage audience engagement.

Tweet Assist

This Chrome add-on uses GPT-3 technology to generate interesting tweets and responses. With a free plan that allows for 10 tweet/reply generations, Tweet Assist offers customizable and scalable plans for different user needs.


TweetFox is an all-inclusive tool with features like โ€œTweet Creator,โ€ โ€œThread Creator,โ€ and โ€œSmart Scheduling.โ€ It even has a Growth Lab feature coming soon, aiming to help users locate the perfect audience to interact with.


This tool offers two service tiers to help users generate professionally written tweets and hashtags. Users can gain extra credits through referrals and can even discuss customized plans with the company.

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter allows users to mimic the style and voice of their favorite Twitter personalities. This free tool offers insights into content creation, analytics, and CRM, making it a unique addition to this list.

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