14 AI-Powered Tools that can Enhance Social Media Management

14 AI-Powered Tools that can Enhance Social Media Management
14 AI-Powered Tools that can Enhance Social Media Management

These are 14 AI-powered tools that can enhance social media management, content creation, and marketing efforts. These tools offer a range of features to help content creators, marketers, and brands optimize their online presence.


Hootsuite is a versatile social media management tool with Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. It offers features like caption generation, hashtag suggestions, and the best time to post recommendations. It's ideal for content creators and marketers of all sizes. Plans start at $99/month after a free trial.

Magic Studio

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool elevates visual content creation by helping you create product photos with sleek backgrounds and remove unwanted objects. It also generates images from text prompts and offers incredible profile photo options. Perfect for influencers and brands seeking high-quality imagery. It's free with limitations.


For long-form content writers and marketers, Wordtune is a valuable tool. It rewrites and expands text in different tones, helping you perfect your paragraphs and articles. It offers a free version and paid subscriptions.


Finding the right stock image for your social media posts is effortless with Stockimg.ai. Its AI-powered search generates a variety of options, including classic stock photos, illustrations, book covers, and more. Plans start at $19 and cater to content creators, designers, and marketers.


Acrolinx acts as your brand watchdog, ensuring all your published content aligns with your brand's style, tone, and language. Quotes are provided case-by-case, making them suitable for brands of all sizes, marketing teams, and support groups.


Brandwatch offers in-depth customer intelligence with its AI-driven data analysis. It provides insights, statistics, and natural language summaries of data sets. Custom quotes are available, targeting marketing teams and brands interested in social listening and tracking audience sentiment.

Heyday by Hootsuite

Heyday is a conversational AI chatbot that enhances e-commerce sales and customer satisfaction rates. Starting at $49/month, it responds to customer queries and uses natural language processing to provide a human touch. Trusted by leading brands, it benefits e-commerce brands, customer service teams, and marketing teams.


Murf is an AI voice generator tool with 120+ voices in 20+ languages. It produces personalized voiceovers for videos, catering to video creators, product marketers, educators, and content creators. It's free, with subscriptions starting at $19/month.


ChatGPT is a popular AI tool for content creators and marketing teams. It generates captions and long-form posts, although editing is recommended for the right brand voice and tone. It offers free access to a basic plan and a $20/month subscription for faster responses and priority access to new features.


Wordstream utilizes machine learning to optimize ad campaigns across social media networks. It helps marketers scale their advertising efforts, assess PPC ads, and analyze campaign performance. Free tools are available, and quotes are provided on a case-by-case basis.


Peech is an AI video editing software that transcribes, edits, repurposes, and brands your video content automatically. It's perfect for content creators, marketers, and educators. It's free with paid accounts starting at $49/month.


Flick is an all-in-one Instagram scheduling and content analysis tool. It allows users to manage and schedule Instagram posts, create visual calendars, preview their feeds, and access popular hashtags. Flick also includes an AI Social Media Assistant for generating original content ideas.


Lately is an AI-powered social media management and content engine platform. It repurposes long-form content into social media posts, allowing users to create engaging posts from existing blogs, podcasts, and webinars. Lately offers control options for content optimization and centralized publishing.


Rapidly assists AI in building a customized social media content strategy. Users can enter their goals, niche, content pillars, and tone of voice, and the AI generates a month's worth of posts. It offers collaboration tools and features like carousel creation, audio trends, and International Days to enhance engagement and stay up-to-date.

These tools leverage artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights, automate tasks, and generate high-quality content, empowering users to optimize their strategies and engage their audience, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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