15 AI-Based Meeting Assistant Tools

15 AI-Based Meeting Assistant Tools


Auto-record and accurately transcribe calls to extract valuable insights. BB JR is the most diligent virtual note-taker your team has ever seen. It sorts and stores your call data for easy searchable access like a Type-A overachiever.


Twine's native Zoom AI Note Taking app generates accurate summaries with a laser focus on Next Steps, Action Items, and Timelines.

Otter AI

A meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries.


Jamie is the new AI assistant that creates meeting summaries in business-writing quality within seconds.


With Tactiq's live transcription feature, you can capture every word during your Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams or Webex calls. 


Fathom simplifies your meetings by recording, transcribing, highlighting, and summarizing them so that you can stay fully engaged in the discussion.


timeOS (formerly Magical) is the first GPT-powered calendar that takes meeting notes and follow-ups on your behalf.

Stork AI

Rich media messaging, advanced video and voice conferencing, auto-transcribing and screen sharing. Serendipitous meetings at the water-cooler with your human and AI teammates.


A super cool AI meeting assistant that can record, analyze and summarize. Automatic note-taking and custom meeting reports, real-time coaching & suggested answers to the customer's questions. 


AI meeting assistant for customer-facing teams. Loopin removes the hassle from meetings – concise meeting summaries, automated recaps, and conversational assistant

Dive AI

Get ready to crush meetings with Dive’s AI assistant: automated notes, seamless summaries, and action items made easy.


Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant.

Colibri AI

Power up your meetings with Colibri AI & ChatGPT. Automate note-taking. Get AI meeting summaries. Have an intelligent co-pilot to help your team succeed in every conversation.


Transform your meeting transcripts into polished documents and post-meeting deliverables.

Nooty AI

Free 2 daily hours by entrusting Noty Workplace AI Assistant with meeting follow-ups, summaries, and tasks. Embrace seamless efficiency and step into a more productive future

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