15 AI Tools Highly Recommended For Students (2023)

15 AI Tools Highly Recommended For Students (2023)

Aragon AI

Get stunning professional headshots effortlessly with Aragon. Utilize the latest in A.I. technology to create high-quality headshots of yourself in a snap! Skip the hassle of booking a photography studio or dressing up. Get your photos edited and retouched quickly, not after days. Receive 40 HD photos that will give you an edge in landing your next job.


Notion is aiming to increase its user base through the utilization of its advanced AI technology. Their latest feature, Notion AI, is a robust generative AI tool that assists users with tasks like note summarization, identifying action items in meetings, and creating and modifying text. Notion AI streamlines workflows by automating tedious tasks, providing suggestions, and templates to users, ultimately simplifying and improving the user experience.


Enhance your writing with Grammarly! It helps you write accurately on various platforms, including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and text messages, using advanced AI technology. Whether a student or a professional, Grammarly is an effective solution for improving writing skills.

Otter AI

Using artificial intelligence, Otter.AI empowers users with real-time transcriptions of meeting notes that are shareable, searchable, accessible, and secure. Get a meeting assistant that records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries.


Generates 100's of articles with one click. With one click, you can find ideas for hundreds of articles. With a second click you can add them to our "schedule" tool. Using GPT-3/chatGPT, TextBuilder will automatically generate all articles for you.At the time specified by you, TextBuilder will automatically publish them to your WordPress blog.

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is a revolutionary tool that converts AI-generated content into writing so authentic it fools even advanced AI detectors. Equipped with a unique algorithm, this tool removes any AI fingerprints, ensuring your content passes all detection checks. More than a content creator, it offers you complete creative freedom.


Gradescope is a software powered by artificial intelligence that automates the peer review process, allowing students to assess and comment on each other's work. Leveraging machine learning and AI technologies, Gradescope simplifies the task of grading, making it more efficient and less time-consuming. Teachers can use Gradescope as a one-stop platform for evaluating both traditional and digital exams, assignments, and projects. By delegating some grading responsibilities, educators can focus on more important tasks.

Formula Bot

Unleash the data and spreadsheet revolution with Formula Bot! Watch as AI transforms your text instructions into formulas and more, all in seconds. Best of all, it's free!


The Duolingo app offers language instruction in over 30 languages, featuring concise lessons grounded in scientific research that are both engaging and effective. Utilizing a blend of artificial intelligence and linguistics, the platform customizes lessons to fit each user's proficiency level and learning pace. The curriculum is comprehensive, focusing on enhancing reading, listening, and speaking skills.

Available on both mobile devices and web browsers, Duolingo enables flexible language learning on the go. In addition to the app, Duolingo offers complimentary educational materials that can be used to enrich language learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. The platform also offers a speedy, affordable, and widely-accepted English proficiency test, made possible through advanced assessment techniques and AI.

Beautiful ai

Introducing Beautiful.ai, where the magic of generative AI meets captivating presentation software designed for the modern workplace. Witness the incredible possibilities that unfold when a touch of AI transforms ordinary into extraordinary.


Explore a fascinating tool that lets you recall, summarize, categorize, and link various online content like Podcasts, PDFs, YouTube Videos, News Articles, and Blog posts. Unlock the potential to save hours each week with concise summaries of anything you find online.


Transform your LinkedIn presence with Taplio's AI-powered platform. It is a super cool tool to connect with recruiters for jobs and internships on LinkedIn. Spend just 10 minutes a day to elevate your personal brand. Craft compelling content, optimize your posting schedule, cultivate connections, and track your progress with ease.


Cognii develops AI-driven tools tailored for elementary, middle, high school, and higher education. These solutions are also frequently employed in corporate environments for in-house training. The company's virtual learning aide utilizes chat-based technology to help students craft nuanced responses and enhance their analytical skills. Moreover, this virtual tutor offers personalized instruction and real-time feedback for each student.


Quizgecko is a digital platform driven by artificial intelligence, engineered to serve businesses, teachers, and self-learners equally. Supporting all languages, it seamlessly converts pre-existing materials into tailored evaluation tools. Users can effortlessly construct, circulate, and integrate quizzes, ranging from multiple-choice to fill-in-the-gap questions. Ideal for corporate training, academic instruction, or individualized learning pathways, Quizgecko streamlines the experience, maximizing both efficiency and user engagement.

Hostinger AI Website Builder

The Hostinger AI Website Builder offers an intuitive interface combined with advanced AI capabilities, designed for crafting websites for any purpose. This comprehensive platform streamlines the entire process: just sign up, describe your brand, and watch as the AI crafts a personalized website template for you in mere minutes. As a student you can use this platform to create project websites, profile and portfolio.

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