20 AI Tools for Teachers

20 AI Tools for Teachers

There is a lot expected of you as a teacher. It can be demanding to stay up with the latest developments in education and the day-to-day tasks of lesson preparation and grading. But what if there were a method to streamline your processes and save you time? These potent resources will aid in simplifying operations, analyzing student data, and developing interesting lessons. In this article, we'll introduce you to more than 15 of the most useful artificial intelligence (AI) tools for educators, all of which have the potential to improve your teaching significantly.


To assist educators in developing materials for their classrooms, Teacherbot is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. It gives educators a quick answer when they define the content they wish to make. Teachers can do anything they want using Teacherbot. Teachers can complete tasks, exercises, and lesson plans for any grade level. They can make plans for future content, research, and more. If you're a teacher trying to save time and improve your lessons, Teacherbot is the app for you.


Twee is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool created for English teachers. Educators can generate everything from questions and conversations to stories, letters, articles, and tests with multiple-choice and true/false components in seconds. Teachers can use the tool to quickly produce discussion questions, facts, and quotes by renowned individuals connected to the topic and brainstorm vocabulary related to the issue. Twee includes tools for language arts instruction, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. It may generate text, dialogue, essay topics, video transcripts, and more based on a given topic. With Twee, educators can easily and rapidly construct interesting English courses.

To Teach AI

To Teach is an AI-driven resource that helps teachers provide engaging lessons specific to each student's requirements and interests. It gives you free, ready-to-use lesson plans on everything from dinosaurs to basketball. The resources, which include worksheets, exercises, and stories, are arranged in folders according to the academic year and the language being studied. Teachers can quickly and easily make their own unique learning experiences with the help of To Teach's intuitive interface. To Teach also has a newsletter that updates readers on the latest educational resources, sales, and special deals. To Teach makes it simple for teachers to implement AI in their lessons and give their pupils individualized lessons.


Teachers have established a new approach to constructing courses with the help of artificial intelligence and a tool called LessonPlans.ai. The platform employs AI technology to easily and rapidly build individualized lesson plans catering to each student's requirements and skill levels. Teachers can save time and effort using this resource to design engaging lessons that include time for both guided and independent practice, as well as appropriate assessments and wrap-up tasks. Lesson plans may be easily followed and implemented in the classroom thanks to the platform's thorough step-by-step directions and resources. In addition, the AI-generated lesson plans can be adjusted to accommodate the instructor's preferred pedagogical approach and the student's current academic standing. LessonPlans.ai saves educators time while still producing high-quality courses for their students.

Education Copilot

Education Copilot's AI-driven lesson planner, AI Lesson Planner, aims to streamline the time-consuming processes of lesson planning and content creation. It can create fully bilingual (English and Spanish) AI-generated lesson plans, PowerPoints, and instructional handouts in seconds. More than ten time-saving classroom and extracurricular aids include a lesson planner, instructional booklets, writing prompts, student reports, and project plans. More than 200 educators worldwide are now using Education Copilot, and you can give it a try for yourself for no cost. It's made to help teachers save time and energy to devote more attention to the people who matter: their students.


Gradescope is a web-based app that streamlines the process of giving and grading tests for teachers. It reduces the time spent grading and offers a more accurate depiction of student success. Both fixed-template (such as worksheets, quizzes, bubble sheets, and exams) and variable-length (such as problem sets, and the application supports projects) assignments. There will be a place for students to hand in their work, an area for teachers to evaluate it, and a view for both parties to see the final grade.

Roshi AI

Roshi is a robust AI tool that makes it simple for educators to generate lesson plans from any online source with a single mouse click. Roshi allows its users to automatically modify the reading level of any website content to be used as a teaching tool. Users can also conduct an in-depth lecture analysis by constructing related questions. Teachers at English Online Inc., UBC, and the Waterloo Region District School Board are just a few of the institutions that have benefited from Roshi's efficiency. Roshi's straightforward interface makes it easy to produce high-quality educational resources rapidly.


The Generate a Ready-to-Play Lesson in Seconds tool is a revolutionary AI solution that helps teachers save time. It allows teachers to design engaging lessons for any subject or grade level easily. Teachers can use this method to quickly and easily create engaging lessons by entering a grade level and topic. Educators can save time and energy using this tool, developed with them in mind. They can also readily include educational goals and criteria. With this resource, teachers may quickly and easily incorporate their students' interests and needs into their classes. With this AI-driven tool, teachers may spend less time on class preparation and more on fostering student engagement and learning.


Fobizz Tools is a collection of educational apps created to facilitate learning in the classroom. It offers a variety of resources, including online courses, live webinars, lesson material, and tools to promote safe and effective education. It provides AI Assistants for Texts, Images, and Speech to further reduce information creation and dissemination. Worksheets, multimedia whiteboards, surveys, websites, video and audio recordings, screen recordings, word clouds, shortened links, shared files, and QR codes may be made with these tools. All these resources are built with ease of use, respect for individual privacy, and security in mind, and they all meet the requirements of DSGVO. Signing up for an account on Fobizz tools is free of charge.


PrepAI is an all-inclusive AI-powered solution for rapidly and accurately developing tests and assessments for any curriculum. PrepAI allows users to quickly and easily create questions and answers, organize them into different categories, and revise them on the fly. College professors, K-12 educators and tutors, HR experts, textbook publishers, education consultants, EdTech industry heads, C-suite executives, and curriculum administrators will all find this invaluable resource. The application can handle several kinds of questions, like true/false and statement-based quizzes. Users can browse question papers that have been made in the past and utilize the tool to create tests in a variety of languages. Users may quickly and easily upload content in various formats, such as PDFs, DOCXs, videos, and files, thanks to PrepAI's intuitive interface. PrepAI is an open-source tool that can help you save time and money without compromising quality.


SchoolAI is a time-saving software tool powered by artificial intelligence for composing documents, including emails, reports, plans, lessons, ideas, guidance, brainstorming, newsletters, and more. To save users time and effort, the program uses cutting-edge AI technology to generate material tailored to their needs rapidly. Automatic spell check, grammar check, and format checking are just a few of the time-saving tools it provides. Other legal materials on the website are available, such as a privacy policy and terms of service, frequently asked questions, pricing alternatives, support, contact information, and more.


Quizgecko can turn any text or URL into a fun and engaging quiz in seconds. Books, essays, publications, websites, and even technical documentation can all benefit from its utilization. The AI-powered quiz maker can produce multiple-choice, true/false, short-answer, and fill-in-the-blank questions. Users can customize the quiz's language, question complexity, and question count, among other options. A Chrome extension for Quizgecko allows you to transform any website into a quiz instantly. To provide the highest quality quizzes, users should convert their PowerPoint presentations to PDF format before uploading them. In addition, Quizgecko's Pro version lets users enter up to 5,000 characters for more precise results and create quizzes with a maximum of 10 questions.


To help educators speedily and accurately grade student essays, the cutting-edge artificial intelligence tool EssayGrader.ai has been developed. Reports on feedback, errors, and summaries are all available, and an AI Detector is in the works. Each grade level has its rubrics that inform the system's feedback reports. An essay's grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are highlighted in error reports. The highlighter function provides a brief document synopsis, highlighting key points and original expressions. With the soon-to-be-released AI Detector function, educators can determine whether or not an entire article was produced by AI or only a portion of it. EssayGrader.ai provides a free plan for anyone interested in starting started and aids in greatly reducing the time required to evaluate essays.

Teddy AI

Teddy AI is a kid-friendly AI assistant that helps with schoolwork. The system's built-in gamification evaluates the user's learning habits and adjusts the instructional approach accordingly. Teddy AI employs AI and machine learning technologies to provide each student with a guided and unique learning experience. The tool's AI conversational technology can also address students' social and pedagogical requirements. Young students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are being used as test subjects for the system's ability to enable and support individualized learning strategies. Teddy AI provides various creative and play-based learning opportunities through interaction with the tool and the subsequent acquisition of rewards. Users can communicate with Teddy AI through Zoom or other channels. As a different environment, the tool has the potential to be a helpful companion that adapts to the requirements of the students.


Using artificial intelligence, StoryWizard.ai lets you quickly and easily write fantastic stories for kids. It employs cutting-edge generative AI technology to create unique, visually stunning stories with engaging plots and characters. Simply answering a few questions, StoryWizard generates beautiful, informative reports that may be shared with loved ones. StoryWizard uses cutting-edge technology and sophisticated algorithms to filter out any potentially offensive material, making it child-friendly. StoryWizard's simplicity and the quality of the stories it generates consistently wow its users. Moreover, StoryWizard provides tale creation packages that include story illustrations, the option to share your stories, up to eight images per page, downloading reports in PDF format, making unique narrative elements, and limitless story plot text revisions.

Mini Course Generator

Mini Course Generator's AI Assistant feature uses AI to suggest titles and outlines for mini-courses based on a given description, streamlining the process of making mini-courses. Select your choices, and the program will produce a comprehensive and realistic mini-course that you can modify and make your own by adding questions, images, videos, and completions. You can instruct the AI Assistant to produce content that fits your vision by deciding on the title and structure of the mini-course. The tool's flexible editing and sharing features make developing and distributing the mini-course a breeze. The mini-course can be presented and distributed in several ways with the help of Mini Course Generator, including embedding it on websites, sharing it with links that can be modified, using it as a lead magnet to collect emails, making the content private with a password wall, and charging for access to the knowledge contained within.


AICheatCheck is an artificial intelligence technology created for schools to ensure pupils' work is original. The program accurately detects the presence of a GPT model by examining phrase structure and readability, assuring that student work is not generated by artificial intelligence. According to the technical study, the gadget has an accuracy rate of 99.7 percent. By reading their white paper, you can learn more about AICheatCheck's model and how they made it so accurate. Universities and businesses can schedule a demonstration of the tool or contact the developers via the website. AICheatCheck can only check English documents and is most reliable for papers with more than 50 words. Several media sites and educational platforms have covered the technology, and the company is developing a tool to help teachers and academics identify information created by artificial intelligence.

Brisk AI

There are many advantages to using the Brisk AI Writing Detector, an add-on for Google Docs and Classroom—improving the quality of student writing. Its purpose is to detect AI-generated work, detect plagiarism, and identify grammar problems. Brisk's interface with Google Docs and Google Classroom is a major benefit because it eliminates the need for users to transfer files to third-party services like Turnitin manually. Teachers can save time and energy because AI detection is included in the process. Educators can use the version history data in Brisk to evaluate students' efforts on assignments. They can now spot suspect student work and assist those who need it. The program uses a state-of-the-art GPT4-trained model for AI detection in text, making it one of the most accurate such models currently accessible. This guarantees proper and efficient identification of artificial intelligence-created material. Brisk cannot only identify handwriting but also has tools that can help with lesson planning.

ClassPoint AI

ClassPoint AI is a program that can make questions for a quiz out of any given PowerPoint presentation. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to assess a slide's content and generate engaging questions based on that analysis. With one click, users can quickly and easily generate interesting queries. To ensure that everyone who uses the tool benefits from it, questions can be presented in various formats, including multiple-choice, short-answer, and fill-in-the-blank. Users can increase the quality of their quizzes by adjusting the difficulty level using Bloom's Taxonomy. The tool's capability for different languages helps to eliminate communication barriers and broaden participation. Users can produce another question, confirm the right answer, or store the current question as a slide for their presentation. ClassPoint AI does its best to deliver trustworthy questions and solutions, but variances are possible, as they are with any AI-powered system. Feedback from users is highly valued and used to improve the quality and security of generated content.


For the first time, content, design, and interactivity can all be created by an artificially intelligent tool with Sendsteps.ai. Users can make interactive presentations 10 times faster than by hand using this platform. The platform is driven by a sophisticated machine-learning model that creates original material without recycling old ideas. It allows users to choose from various languages and features interactive questions to keep them interested. GDPR and ISO 27001 certifications further strengthen the system's commitment to data security. Its many benefits include a PowerPoint add-in, Microsoft Teams app, customizable branding features, expert event planning assistance, and more. To get started, users need to describe their topic, enter presentation and audience details, and the AI will create all necessary interactivity, design, and content. Inspiring images and graphics are included to aid in the development of compelling presentations.

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