5 Cutting-Edge AI Chrome Extensions to Skyrocket Your Productivity

5 Cutting-Edge AI Chrome Extensions to Skyrocket Your Productivity

In this day and age, the utilization of Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a necessity. It can be considered the next step towards a more futuristic world. It has become an irreplaceable part of our lives as AI can boost the productivity of anyone through the roof and cater to personal improvements.

Here are some of the AI Chrome extensions for a head start that you need to utilize in order to save your time and be the most efficient person there is

Scispace Copilot:

Scispace is an AI (Artificial intelligence) chrome extension that is like your AI research assistant that explains the text, math, and tables in scientific literature like research papers, technical blog posts, or reports.

Scispace is most suitable for researchers, students, and academics who are dealing with complex scientific literature. It uses ML (Machine learning) and Natural Language Processing for summarising, analyzing, and visualizing scientific papers, extracting key information from tables, and generating scientific questions.

Scispace can be used in 13 different languages, which makes it highly convenient.

Additionally, the chatbot feature can provide personalized recommendations for further reading and research.

Compose AI:

Compose AI is a Chrome extension that saves significant time for people who frequently write emails or messages. It uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate natural-sounding text that can be used as a starting point for writing or replying to messages.

The platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning Algorithm which makes it able to Autocomplete sentences across different websites, rephrase sentences to make them friendlier, more professional, shorter, or longer Replies to emails with a click; it can also generate full-length emails from short phrases.


This Chrome extension uses AI (Artificial intelligence ) to extract key information from articles and summarise them in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

Wiseone can be useful for people who want to quickly understand the main ideas and theme of an article or research paper.

Wiseone can cross-check facts from different sources talking about the same subject for a more accurate result. It provides a list of suggestions for a better understanding of the said subject.


UseChatGPT.AI is a free Chrome extension that is a convenient way to access ChatGPT without leaving the current website or application. It can be used to write, rephrase, summarise, translate or explain any text. It makes accessing ChatGPT hassle-free.

Compose ChatGPT.AI also has the ability to correct one's grammatical mistakes. So it can significantly improve the users writing skills.

Compose ChatGPT.AI can also be utilized to create personalized replies for emails, social media, or replies to a post.


Merlin Chrome extension provides quick and easy access to Chat GPT and can be used to summarise videos, articles, and other text.

Merlin provides a new UI (User Interface) that allows it to be used on any website. Furthermore, It can be used in normal scenarios such as writing an email, social engagement on social media, and automating repetitive work.

Merlin can provide extra information and context using AI (Artificial Intelligence) on any Google search results.


These are the 5 AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Chrome extensions that use Machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to assist and refine various tasks, saving valuable time and effort. From research assistants to automated email generators, these extensions have the potential to improve productivity and efficiency for anyone who uses them. The use of AI in such extensions is proof of the power of technology and how it can be harnessed to enhance our daily lives. With the constant advancements in AI and NLP, it is exciting to see what new and innovative solutions will emerge in the future.

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