5 Steps to Better Mental Health with AI Tools

5 Steps to Better Mental Health with AI Tools

Mental health has always been important for an individual's improvement, growth, and development. Still, it only became mainstream over the last 10 years according to the NHS Digital blog post. People have been suffering from bad mental health for ages without any real cure for it, however, fortunately, more and more people are taking care of their physical as well as their mental health. In 2021 approximately 22% of American adults reportedly received mental health treatment which was an increase of 3% since 2019 according to a CNN article

The main issue is that there is no one main cause of bad mental health problems making it far more dangerous than a physical issue. What makes it even more complex is that just like there is no one cause of issues related to mental health, there is also no one cure - you could seek professional help, get on medication, change your lifestyle, and so on. These all could help the majority of people but most people might not even know they have mental health issues or they can not afford to go through those processes.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way just like mental health problems and AI tools we currently do enough to make feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. Here are the 5 AI steps:

Earkick: Real-time support 

Productivity is king! But, how do someone be productive when they are not in a good mental state? Some people might be lazy for real and could be blaming it on stress, however, there are some people who actually need help to get better and be more productive. Earkick understands you on an emotional level and shares your emotional health with you in real time, with suggestions that could help you improve yourself. You can even get guided self-care sessions. Having Earkick is like having a personal productivity booster and mental health assistant taking care of you when you do not feel productive. 

Pi: Having a companion 24/7

What most people think or want to believe is that they do not have anyone in their lives who loves them or wants them without even reaching out to people. It is understandable that some people might feel uncomfortable or shy to reach out to others for their help. That is where Pi comes in as your personal AI companion. You can even consider it your best friend because all it is here for is to be useful to you and not to use you, be friendly to you and not be a snake under the skin, and be fun and not make fun of you. You can just talk to it like you would to anyone else without being judged.

Wysa: Getting real help

Sleeping through tough times will not make the pain and suffering go away. You will eventually need to see some real help. Wysa’s conversational AI is enough for most people as it helps you feel better from the first conversation itself while keeping you anonymous taking care of your privacy concerns. You can even get a 1-on-1 session with coaches and also well-structured on-demand self-care programs. Wysa doesn’t claim to cure severe mental health conditions or offer medical or clinical advice but it is there to support you and even guide you to better mental health.

Guided: Reliving stress

It is nearly impossible to stay stress-free in this bustling world where you need to survive every day to provide for yourself and your family and take care of your loved ones. We often forget to take care of ourselves leading to great stress and sleepless nights. It is hard to focus on anything when you are stressed out over something unavoidable and all you need is get calm down, rest, and get a good night's sleep. How? By meditation. Guided generates unique and effective guided meditation for you that could help you calm down during tough times and even get a good sleep that could make you feel refreshed. 

Hoku: Better physical health

You can not have just good mental health with poor physical health nor can you have good physical health and be poor mentally. There should be a good balance between the two and both should should be good be in a good state. Some people are mentally poor due to their poor physical shape and having a good physic could genuinely have some positive effect on mental health. Hoku gives you personalized health support that suits you the best and is tailored made that way you would enjoy the journey of self-improvement. It is not easy to get perfect health but Hoku makes it easy for you.

Mental health is very important and is not a matter of joke. We on a personal level would always recommend everyone take mental health seriously and get proper treatment from a professional. Reaching out for help doesn’t make you weak and neither does that make you a burden. These AI tools would help you get better but at the end of the day, you must know that you matter. 

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