8 AI-Based SEO Tools To Increase Your Web Traffic

8 AI-Based SEO Tools To Increase Your Web Traffic


Semrush is a SEO tool powered by AI and ideal for keyword research and comprehensive website audits. It enables users to create, monitor, and optimize PPC campaigns, ensuring improved search engine rankings.

Alli AI

Alli AI is a powerful digital tool designed for efficient SEO management and custom automations. With it, there's no need for developers to handle your SEO campaigns. Furthermore, in a swift 30 seconds, Alli AI can optimize meta tags, link descriptions, images, titles, and external links, streamlining the process and enhancing your website's performance.


RankIQ is an advanced SEO tool designed to elevate your content strategy. It offers tailored suggestions for SEO-optimized titles, identifies low-competition yet high-traffic keywords, crafts comprehensive blog outlines, and generates detailed SEO reports based on Google SERP data. A comprehensive solution for bloggers and businesses aiming for better search visibility.


Frase is a dynamic tool designed for content creators and strategists. In mere minutes, it crafts comprehensive content briefs, conducts an in-depth competitor analysis, identifies content opportunities, and even categorizes content to streamline your content planning process


Diib is a dynamic tool designed for optimal digital performance. It enables users to compare their performance against competitors, closely monitor their SEO keywords and backlinks, track competitor rankings and their subsequent changes, and generate fresh keyword and content ideas to stay ahead in the digital space.


Outranking is a powerful tool designed for optimizing online content. Through meticulous SERP analysis, it can generate organic content, pinpoint opportunities by analyzing high-ranking sites, and produce content drafts tailored to SERP insights. Additionally, it boasts an integrated internal linking tool, further enhancing its capabilities in content optimization.


AnswerThePublic stands out for its unique approach to keyword search tool information and search volume insights. Simply input a search phrase and discover the questions users pose in search engines, ranging from "what" and "where" to "why" and "how." Visualize these inquiries with a distinct visual wheel or through organized data boxes, each categorizing the question type. Additionally, gain insights with color-coded search volume and CPC data. It's a comprehensive tool for understanding user search behaviors.


NeuronWriter is an advanced AI-powered tool designed to enhance your digital content strategy. It can automatically generate SEO-optimized content, handle internal and external linking, and perform an in-depth competitor analysis to pinpoint better ranking opportunities. Additionally, it comes equipped with a Document Management System to streamline your content organization and workflow.

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