Meet The Latest Adobe Illustrator Advanced With Generative AI Feature Powered By Firefly

Meet The Latest Adobe Illustrator Advanced With Generative AI Feature Powered By Firefly

Adobe is no stranger to innovation. Over the years, the brand has been at the forefront of technology, consistently evolving its product suite to meet the shifting needs of its ever-expanding user base. The recent introduction of Adobe Illustrator's generative AI feature, powered by Firefly, is the latest example of this innovative spirit.

Adobe Illustrator has long been the premier tool for vector-based graphic design, relied upon by artists, graphic designers, and creatives worldwide. The softwareโ€™s newfound union with AI technology is set to push those boundaries even further. Let's dive into what this exciting new development means for the design world.


Introducing Generative Recolor (beta)

Generative Recolor, the new AI-powered feature in Illustrator, is designed to drastically enhance the colorization process of your vector artwork. All you need to do is type in a prompt - say, "Neon lights" or "Salmon sushi," and the AI will instantly recolor your artwork according to the implied theme of your prompt. It enables you to quickly experiment with infinite color palettes, creating unique color combinations that bring your vision to life.

This feature allows you to easily adjust your designs for different styles or seasonal changes. The automatically generated color variations enable you to create multiple color combinations from a single artwork file, which can be utilized across different platforms like social media, print, or the web.

Applications of Generative Recolor (beta)

Generative Recolor (beta) can be your trusted creative co-pilot, particularly useful for creating brand identity graphics, digital illustrations, and marketing and advertising graphics. You can quickly recolor an artwork to explore different palettes, provide color recommendations based on a simple text prompt, or create color variations for seasonal marketing campaigns.

Note: While in beta, Generative Recolor is not intended for commercial use. It works with English-only text prompts and is not currently available in China.

Other Noteworthy Illustrator Updates

Besides Generative Recolor (beta), Adobe Illustrator is also introducing other features to improve your design process.

Introducing Retype (beta)

Retype is a groundbreaking feature that allows you to detect a font from a static or non-editable text. The feature identifies the closest font matches from Adobe Fonts, saving you from the painstaking process of manual searching.

Image Trace Improvements

Converting raster images to vector art is now easier with enhanced Image Trace features. The updated tool allows auto-detection or choice of an Image Trace preset, single-color selection, and color mode customization.

Save Time with Layers Search & Filter

The updated Layers panel offers a search and filter function, allowing you to quickly find specific graphics and navigate through multiple layers.

PDF Enhancements

The new release also includes PDF Preset Memory, a handy feature that remembers your latest PDF presets. Additionally, you can now add working hyperlinks to text and images when saving PDFs.

Share for Review

This feature allows you to share updates with your team or clients using the same link to get feedback faster. Comments from the review can be imported directly into your file.


The addition of generative AI features and numerous innovative tools in Adobe Illustrator paves the way for a new era in design. The intersection of human creativity and AI technology promises a future where designers can work more efficiently, explore new ideas quickly, and create stunning visuals with precision. As always, Adobe continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing the design landscape.

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