Apple's New AI Feature Might Work Without Internet Connection

Apple's New AI Feature Might Work Without Internet Connection
Apple's New AI Feature Might Work Without Internet Connection

In his weekly "Power On" newsletter, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman stated that Apple's initial set of AI-related features will work entirely on the device. The rumor suggests that a data connection may not be required for the feature to work.

Apple is rumored to be bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to iOS 18 in a unique way. According to reports, AI processing will be handled directly on the iPhone without requiring a cloud service. This approach is expected to provide more privacy and security to users who opt for this feature.

Apple has been strategically strengthening its AI capabilities by developing its own in-house LLM, internally known as 'Ajax.'

In addition, the company has made significant purchases of AI companies in recent years, showing its ambition to advance AI technology and its applications.

The potential of Apple's AI technology is massive, with functionality expected to be integrated into Messages, Safari, Spotlight Search, and Siri. This feature hints at the refreshed impact Apple's AI could have on our daily interactions with Apple's technology. More details about these exciting features are anticipated to be revealed during WWDC in June.

During Apple's earnings call in April, CEO Tim Cook said the company was putting "a tremendous amount of time and effort" into its AI plans. Apple's renewed AI strategy is expected to be showcased during the 2024 event, which tech enthusiasts and industry experts highly anticipate.

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