6 Unique And Newly Updated Features in Google Bard

6 Unique And Newly Updated Features in Google Bard

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize our digital landscape, new chatbot models are continually emerging, offering distinctive features and capabilities. One such model is Google's Bard, a formidable counterpart to OpenAI's ChatGPT. Bard is more than just another AI chatbot; it's a testament to the evolving sophistication of machine learning. In this article, we're going to dive deep into Bard, shedding light on its six unique and newly updated features.

Feature 1: Reading Images

Step 1: Go to https://bard.google.com/

Step 2: Login or Signup

Step 3: Upload an image and ask '........'

Feature 2: Read Answers Aloud

Bard's newest feature allows it to vocalize responses. While previously users could ask questions via voice, they can now listen to Bard's answers, making interactions more conversational and accessible

Step: Click on the audio button at the top right of the result

Feature 3: History

Like ChatGPT, Bard now incorporates a feature for conversation history, allowing you to easily recall previous interactions. Moreover, you have the option to pin conversations, streamlining retrieval for future reference.

Feature 4:Share Feature

Bard now allows users to share conversation links, similar to the feature available on ChatGPT.

Feature 5: Modify a Response

Bard's response can be tailored using five different options: simplifying it, extending its length, reducing it, making it more formal, or infusing it with a casual tone. This allows you to tweak the chatbot's output to suit your unique preferences or needs.

Feature 6: Export Codes

Beyond Google Colab, developers now have the option to directly export code into Replit, expanding the possibilities for code utilization and application.

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