Bookwiz (AI-Powered eBook Creator)

Bookwiz (AI-Powered eBook Creator) is an AI tool that guides writers through a step-by-step process to create books. Bookwiz lets anyone turn their story ideas into a draft quickly with the help of AI and special prompts.You don't need to be an expert writer. With Bookwiz, telling your story becomes easy for everyone. Demo


  • Unlimited Access to provides unlimited access to GPT-4, an advanced artificial intelligence language model, to help writers generate ideas and structure their stories**2**.
  • Step-by-Step provides step-by-step instructions and examples to help writers improve their writing**34**.
  • Seamless Writing's AI-driven features provide a seamless writing journey for authors.
  • Embeddings: our platform is smart enough to know what text from your book is the most relevant when asking the AI to write content.
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