The Free all-in-one AI-powered keyboard: GPT-4, Search Engine, AI Text Re-toning, and AI Text Generator

The Free all-in-one AI-powered keyboard: GPT-4, Search Engine, AI Text Re-toning, and AI Text Generator

Microsoft is truly changing the landscape by adding artificial intelligence (AI) into nearly all of its products since the announcement of its long-term partnership with OpenAI which has now entered its third phase. Can you believe this? OpenAI has given free access to its flagship features such as GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 to Microsft users. Microsoft has taken full advantage of those features by integrating them into Microsoft Edge, Bing, Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat), and many other Microsoft products. 

Did you know that Microsoft has its own keyboard for smartphones? The Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard is not as popular as Gboard; the Google keyboard. However, that is about to change - Well even if you haven’t heard of or used Microsoft's keyboard before, you might be considering it soon. Microsoft has integrated extraordinarily cool artificial intelligence (AI) features into its keyboard. It is no ordinary keyboard - it is an AI keyboard - the Microsoft Swiftkey AI Keyboard. 

First and foremost you need to download the Swiftkey application onto your smartphone via App Store or Play Store.

Setting up the keyboard is very easy as you can sign in with a Microsoft account to access the AI features.

Bing search in Keyboard

Toggling between web search and documents? You could be toggling back and forth hundreds or even 1000s of times per day waiting time or probably could be getting distracted. 

The Swiftkey board has the ability to Bing search anything within the keyboard and even open webpages within the keyboard making your research work more productive.  Just one click. 

Text Retone with AI

Sometimes what you have already written doesn’t sound good enough or doesn’t sound the way you want it to sound - maybe it does not sound professional or maybe it doesn’t sound fun enough. You might get stuck between - Is it good enough? and Does it sound the way it should sound? 

Fortunately, now you can get it just right or the way you want it to be. No more rethinking over and over again all you need to do is enter the text and enter. AI will generate all possible alternatives for you within seconds - Professional, Casual, Polite, Funny, you name it AI will have it. 

AI Text Compose

How can working professionals be more productive? Simple! By automating their work. You can not repeat the same thing over and over again without getting bored, feeling burnt out, and losing your creativity. 

The Swiftkey keyboard has an AI compose feature that allows you to compose - paragraphs, emails, ideas, and blog posts while letting you customize their tones and choose their length giving you the sense of personalized content and keeping things always fresh. 

GPT-4 in the Keyboard

Who doesn’t like ChatGPT? Having an AI chatbot that is always there to solve your problems regardless of their complexity. However to get the real ChatGPT experience, to see it at its full glory, and to use it at its fullest you need to get a ChatGPT Plus subscription which costs no less than $20 per month. 

Luckily for us, the Microsoft OpenAI allowed Microsoft to integrate the GPT-4 into its products and Swiftkey was one of them. Now you can use the GPT-4 within your keyboard and have almost every feature a ChatGPT Plus user has. 

The Microsoft Swiftkey KeyBoard is truly a game changer and has some cool AI features never seen before but you might be wondering - Is that all? Luckily for you, there is one more thing. In the next article, you will see how you can access DALL-E 3 on the Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard and generate AI images from within your keyboard. 


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