ClickUp Clips: The Best Alternative to Loom for Instant Screen Recording and Sharing

ClickUp Clips: The Best Alternative to Loom for Instant Screen  Recording and Sharing

In today's fast-paced work environment, clarity and productivity are crucial. ClickUp is a popular productivity tool that offers seamless collaboration. Recently, ClickUp launched a new feature called ClickUp Clips, which claims to replace Loom. ClickUp Clips has been promoted as the ultimate tool for streamlining collaboration and communication.

ClickUp Clips replaces traditional communication methods, empowering users to share ideas seamlessly through screen recordings. Embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI), it outperforms traditional communication barriers, allowing users to effortlessly record and share videos, with automatic transcription capabilities for instantly accessible and searchable information.

Step 1: You may need a ClickUp account to access this new feature.

Step 2: Click on the tiny little video icon in the chat.

Step 3: Click on start recording.

Step 4: Choose your preferred microphone and screen. You can record any screen or app tab you want.

Step 5: You can easily talk through your ideas or make and share a tutorial with someone.

Step 6: You can easily share the recording in the chat so your team can check it out and get a clear understanding.

Step 7: You can download the recording or share the URL link of the screen recording with someone outside your team.

Step 8: You can easily get an AI transcription of your recording powered by ClickUp AI assistant, enabling better understanding.

Step 9: With ClickUp AI you can get answers to any question you may have regarding the screen recording.

ClickUp Clips allows users to effortlessly share content and integrate with existing workflows. It provides feedback within the video and transforms Clips into actionable tasks, redefining collaborative work. In conclusion, ClickUp Clips is made for productivity and innovation, setting a new standard for collaborative environments.


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