Do You Need To Pay To Use AI Tools? 10 Free AI Tools To Use in 2024

Do You Need To Pay To Use AI Tools? 10 Free AI Tools To Use in 2024

Did you know? Samsung is going to introduce Galaxy AI really soon during their Galaxy Unpacked event. We are in 2024 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bigger than ever. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has brought AI to every single product or service out there currently available. All companies are pushing hard toward creating the best AI product(s) or services(s), and that is for artificial intelligence (AI) supremacy and earn money from selling you AI products and services. Most of those AI products and services come in the form of AI tools. There are thousands of AI tools out there for you to use. But as we said most of them are made with the intention to make money. 

Most AI tools are behind a paywall and some even give false free trials. Today we’ll check out 10 AI tools that are free to use or at least give you a good trial period so that you can truly understand the tool.


AI-generated art and images were and still are very popular amongst people in the social world. Generating a breathing-taking art or image from just a simple text prompt sounded impossible just several years ago. But now there are hundreds of AI image generators out there promising to generate hyperrealistic art and images of objects as well as humans. However most of them would be charging money, that is where Ideogram comes in and lets you generate AI images for no cost while letting you select your own image style.*

Advertisements are now part of our lives. We see advertisements everywhere in the form of sponsored adverts on social media, Super Bowl commercials, infomercials on television about specific products and services, and even billboards you see outside your house and on the streets. What does is, it makes your online advertisement creation process much more streamlined and simpler. Allowing you to generate adverts within several clicks. If you want to know how? Click Here!


Education has become more digitalized. You can find any information you need with a simple Google search. Anyone can study from anywhere if they have a smart device. Fortunately, there are thousands of online courses out there feeding people's knowledge. You might want to create and sell your own course or you could be a teacher trying to change your approach towards education and create digital courses your students engage with. Look no further because now you can create engaging courses using AI, and you can convert documents, websites, and videos into engaging videos.

Adobe Express:

Most people know Adobe’s products are not free to use. Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro are top-of-the-line professional tools that cost money to use after the end of your free trial and what most people do not realize is that they do not need Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to create good content as most casual users cannot take advantage of those professional tools. That is where Adobe came up with Adobe Express a completely free-to-use tool that is more than enough for the majority of people to edit photos and videos and to create engaging content. Click Here! To see how to create animated videos using Adobe. 

Text Blaze:

A really boring task we all end up doing is typing the same thing again and again especially when you are a working professional in a team trying to finish long writing tasks. It is tedious to sit there and type the same thing over and over again, making you lose focus on things that truly matter. With Text Blaze you can blaze through that long, hard, boring, and tedious writing task by creating custom snippets for your writing - helping you get more done and be extra productive so that you can focus on other things. The extension stays in Chrome silently while letting you boost your and your team’s productivity. Click Here! To learn how it works.


Kittl lets you turn your ideas into stunning designs while at the same time presenting you AI image generation feature within the design command center. You can create anything from product logos and designs to engaging and captivating social media posts. Revolutionize your design game and create something that brings eyes to you and your company. Kittl is a superpower dominating illustrations, fonts, photos, and many more within its command center. That brings up the question. Is Kittl like Canva?

Julius AI:*

Data analysis is made easy for you. Imagine finishing hours or even days' worth of work within minutes while saving money. Julius AI does that for you. All you need to do is give it a spreadsheet containing data and in return get experienced and professional data analysis responses. You can do simple things like creating graphs, get answers to questions that could have taken you hours to find within seconds and perform advanced analysis like a professional. Julius AI gives out responses in real-time and you can see it perform live. And if you are feeling funky you can get the same features using Julius AI plug-in on ChatGPT. Do you want to see it in action? Click Here!


You may have New Year’s resolutions and goals you really want to achieve. Right? Most probably your answer would be a yes. Why not? But there is one issue most people can not carry through the promises they made to themselves or they just forget. Notion allows you to keep notes of everything. It could be related to your personal life or it could be related to your professional life. Notions change the way you function and let you be super productive. You will become a different beast. Keeping notes and tracking progress has been made easy for you. 


We have passed the age of writing with hands. Everyone now has at least one smart device like a smartphone, PC, or laptop at any given time. We no longer need to write a letter with our hands and wait ages for the other person to receive it, we can just text them and chat with them in real-time. So why not do the same with your academics as well? Instead of spending ages reading a PDF, you can just upload your PDF file onto ChatPDF and chat with it and get the solutions you are looking for within seconds. Professionals, students, and researchers - anyone can use it.


We often look out for ways to entertain ourselves and there is nothing better than creating your own entertainment. ElevenLabs lets you entertain yourself by generating realistic human voices from text inputs. Yes! ElevenLabs is an AI voice generator that allows you to generate voices and even clone other people’s voices. You can generate funny jokes in other people’s voices and make funny stories. However, some people might use it for malicious activities so beware and use this opportunity carefully and not harm others.

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