Generate Click-Worthy Thumbnails Like Mr Beast with This AI Tool

Generate Click-Worthy Thumbnails Like Mr Beast with This AI Tool

Every single click matters. Only when people click on your product you will be able to convince them you are worth it and your product is what they need. People use paid advertisements and even false advertisements to get more clicks also popularly known as clickbait. In the world of YouTube, click-baiting is very popular where a content creator misleads the audience into clicking on their videos to get views. That is plausible only because of good thumbnails. Thumbnails are very essential for content creators as they decide whether people will be clicking on their videos or not. A thumbnail is a small thing that makes a big difference in you going viral. 

Making convincing non-clickbait or even click thumbnails is not easy. You need an extra set of skills to be able to pull that magic. Many people often fail to try or even copy other popular YouTubers. 

Letโ€™s use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate thumbnails that will be your secret to going viral.

Step 1: Go to this website and click on "Get Started".

Step 2: Verify your account and you are good to go.

Step 3: Go to the Free Trial chatroom and enter your prompt.

Step 4: Once done wait for about 30 seconds and let Pikzels AI generate your perfect thumbnail that will be the reason for your next viral video.


Content creators need a tool that can get videos the attention it deserves. A content creator could be making the best content in the world but it is useless if it doesnโ€™t get clicks and views. MrBeast in an interview said he pays $5,000 to $10,000 for the right thumbnail and even though that is impressive, the majority of content creators can not spend that much money hence using an AI tool is the best bet. 

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