Generate Stunning AI Videos with This Text-to-3D Animation Tool

Generate Stunning AI Videos with This Text-to-3D Animation Tool

Content creation hasn’t been easier than it is right now in 2024. You do not even need to own a production house nor do you need to own a professional setup, because all you need is a smart device like a laptop, computer, or smartphone with an internet connection, and the right AI tool(s). You may already have a smart device so now all you need is the right AI tools that will help you leap into the future - getting you ahead of the curve. There is no better place than AI Tools Club to find the right AI tools. 

The tool we will check out today allows you to generate production-ready animations that you can use separately on 3D software or you can generate AI videos from AI motions. The tools are completely free to use while offering extraordinary features. 

Step 1: Visit the official Mootion website and click on “Free to Use in Discord.”

Step 2: Click on one of their many creation channels.

Step 3: In the chat box enter /motion if you want to generate motion using texts and /capture if you want to generate motion using a video. 

Step 4: If you choose /motion enter your prompt, choose your character, and inplace. Wait for a few seconds for Mootion to generate motion for you.

Step 5: Mootion will generate two variations for you. Choose the one you prefer by clicking on M2 Video Gen or M2 Video Gen. Now you will be able to convert your motion into an AI video. 

Step 6: Enter a prompt containing a video description to generate the AI video based on your AI-generated motion and choose whether you want it to be digital art style or anime style. 

Step 7: Click submit and wait for Mootion to show its magic. 


The year is off to a good start with many new AI tools and many new AI features. There are still 10 more months left and so much new to explore. Let’s do it together content creation is a new a big industry and so is the AI content generation industry. There are so many tools offering so many features so there is always something big coming up. It is the competition of what will become the next AI tool of the year. What do you think was your AI tool of 2023 and any early guesses on what will be yours this year's AI tool of the year?

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