Have You Heard About These 10 AI Tools?

Have You Heard About These 10 AI Tools?

Artificial intelligence isn't new. But, much like the Internet in the early 90s, it has taken the world by storm. The most prominent use cases driving AI in business include automating tasks, improving business operations and decision-making, boosting performance and behavior predictions, and increasing revenue, among other things.

So, here is a list of the top 10 AI tools that you badly need at work and no one told you about this:

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Notion can help you quickly transform existing content into something more suited to the task, without manual reconfiguring. Whether you need to adapt the tone of a document, fix spelling and grammar, find synonyms, or translate content into another language, Notion AI can help.

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool, designed to help users grow and monetize their Twitter audience. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to create high-performing content, build an audience around their topics of expertise, and monetize opportunities.


All in all, ChatPDF is a powerful tool that can be used to cut down the time it takes you to read a PDF file. It allows users to learn and understand PDF documents quickly, which is helpful for anyone trying to conduct research, gain knowledge, or review information.

Watto AI

Does making documents need time? Before it used to but now in today's world where everyone is running a race to be first don't lag. Create your documents with Watto AI.

With Watto AI, you can easily integrate your information from different platforms like Google Docs or Slack and intelligently generate documents in your desired format.


Kombai is a new ensemble model that can understand and code UI designs like humans. You can prompt it with design files in Figma to get high-quality React and HTML + CSS (vanilla/ tailwind) code in just a single click per component.


Need a perfect cover letter? Zap will help you out with this. Get free, instant cover letters with AI. Customized and successful.


Want to create an AI tool without coding experience? Pickaxe will help you with this. You can create, share, and manage your AI tools. You can use your documents, data, and directions to make AI work for you.


Meet Bardeen AI, and delegate your tedious work with a few lines of text. Let AI build automation for you. Simply type in your desired workflow, and watch Magic Box generate the entire automation from scratch. You can easily review and customize any workflow they build.


Fireflies.ai is an AI voice assistant that helps transcribe, take notes, and complete actions during meetings. Its AI assistant, Fred, integrates with leading web-conferencing platforms worldwide like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, & Microsoft Teams along with business applications like Slack and Salesforce.

Text Blaze

A productivity tool that lets users create and use customizable templates and snippets to save time and effort. Users can save any text as a template and give it a shortcut to eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes. Text Blaze also supports dynamic templates, forms, and dynamic formulas to help users get work done faster. In addition, users can share their templates with colleagues and collaborate in real time.

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