How to Create Charts Using Bard in Seconds

How to Create Charts Using Bard in Seconds

Navigating the realm of data visualization has never been easier with Bard, a game-changing tool that simplifies the process of chart creation. In just a few seconds, Bard gets your data and with the help of Google Sheets, you can turn your data into visually appealing and comprehensive charts, making data analysis a breeze.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login or Signup

Step 3: Now, enter a prompt to fetch some data using Bard. Here is an example that I used 'Show me a table showing the data from 2000 to 2020 Toyota and Hyundai market shares in the United States.'

Step 4: You can see this table presented by Bard

Step 5: If you like to download this data, click at the button on 'Export to Sheets'. This will create a new Google Sheets document.

Step 6: Click on the bottom left 'Open Sheets'. This will open the data in the Google Sheets in a different tab.

Step 7: In Google sheet now, you can see the data

Step 8: Now you can create a chart by Highlighting your Data Table and you can Click on "Insert" then "Chart"

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