Let's Generate AI Music Using Only 2 AI Tools - FREE!!!

Let's Generate AI Music Using Only 2 AI Tools - FREE!!!

Music is the unofficial language of the world. Music connects people from different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what language you speak. When the right music hits the dance floor everyone just forgets all pain, suffering, and differences - We all become one. For example, some people aren’t fluent in English however they know the full lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen or songs by Justin Bieber and Tylor Swift. Another example could be the huge fan following of K-pop all around the world - BTS took over the world in the past few years and also no one can deny Gangnam Style is the biggest and most well-known song of all time. Latin music is very popular as well with musicians like Bad Bunny and Shakira - also songs like Despacito and Mi Gente being widely popular and well-known. Even Bollywood and Tollywood have some incredibly famous songs like Naatu Naatu and Guli Mata. 

Music is part of human society and its function. We have carried traditions through music and it is hard to music a world without music. Now that we are in the 21st century anyone with the right tools can create viral music - but just any tools but two AI tools that will help you generate viral music within seconds. 

Step 1: Visit Suno AI and click on ‘Make a song’ - Then click on ‘Create’ and sign up.

Step 2: You can generate a song just with a description or you can choose the custom mode and generate music using lyrics and style of music - at the end give your song a title.

Step 3: Generate custom lyrics using ChatGPT - make sure not to include punctuation and just use [Verses] and [Chorus].

Step 4: Input your lyrics and style of music and click on ‘Create’ and Suno AI will generate 2 different versions for you. You can choose one of the generate two new versions.

Step 5: Then click on 3 dots on the side and then continue from this clip if you have more lyrics. Then add your next set of lyrics and create part 2 of the song.

Step 6: After choosing the perfect part 2 click on, ‘Get Whole Song’ and download the complete version. 

Anyone can now generate music with these two AI-powered tools. There is no tool like ChatGPT out in the market that can compete against it at the level it is currently at. Suno AI is an interesting tool and certainly brings something new and unseen in the market with the ability to generate songs with very little input. You can now generate viral songs at your home sitting in front of your laptop or computer.


This music video is created solely for entertainment purposes only.

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