Meet A Royalty-Free AI Music Generator

Meet A Royalty-Free AI Music Generator

Have you ever thought apart from business and social media AI tools can help you with other things too? Can AI help you with creating background music too? Yes, it can. You heard it right. Meet which is India’s first and only AI-backed music tech start-up. is India’s first AI-backed, new-age, web-based disruptive music tech start-up. It provides a platform for music composers and content creators to help them create royalty-free, affordable, easy-to-license, exclusive music.

How does work? is an AI music generator that uses advanced algorithms to analyze and replicate patterns in existing music compositions. It can be trained on large music datasets to develop a deep understanding of musical structure and can be customized to fit a particular style or mood.

Let us go through a complete step-by-step guide to creating the first-ever AI background music generator:

STEP 1: Sign up for the official website of

STEP 2: After signing up, you will land on the given below page. After coming to this page, click on “new track”

STEP 3: Create a new track as per your need. Create title, duration, and tempo, and click on next.

STEP 4: Pick a genre/style that best suits your content’s theme and mood and click on apply.

STEP 5: Choose the type of emotion you want to apply.

STEP 6: After completing all the steps it will generate your background music you can manage any changes through settings and can directly download it.

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