Meet Duet AI by Google: The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Developers and is Available on Google Workspace

Meet Duet AI by Google: The Ultimate Productivity Tool for Developers and is Available on Google Workspace

Google launched Duet AI, an AI-powered assistant available in Google Cloud and IDEs that can help you get more done, faster. Duet AI is completing straight ahead with that chatbot gaint ChatGPT and is similar to Copilot which was launched by Microsoft earlier this year. 

Duet AI is special as it is trained specially to help users be more productive while using Google Cloud, built on Google’s leading large foundation model. You can get personal and contextualized AI assistance while having your data private and secure as Duet AI in Google Cloud takes full advantage of the Vertex AI platform.

What are the key features you may ask?

AI-Powered Development Assistance: Build High-Quality Applications Quickly

Duet AI can be considered as, your next frontier in AI-powered coding assistance for developers’ productivity. Duet AI can help you resolve your code-related problems quickly and easily.

How does it help? Well, it uses generative AI to provide help to developers as an AI collaborator - creating solutions for you on the go while offering debugging support through its AI chat. Duet AI can provide developers with code suggestions, chat assistance, and enterprise-focused customization, all in real-time.

Duet AI code assistance

Duet AI in Google Workspace: More Productivity With Workspace

Duet AI is available in Google Workspace apps as well, such as Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Gmail, and so on. Let’s discuss some of them:

Duet AI, Concept to Content with Google Docs:

Docs now have AI-assisted writing capabilities which lets AI write their content and also include smart chips for extra information - to aid you customizability as well. So, now you can turn your ideas into content faster while staying in your document.

Duet AI, Text to Image Generator in Google Slide:

No more manually searching for images to make your presentation look attractive, you can just add the text prompts to generate original compelling images. You can now convey thousands of words from original images generated by Duet AI embedded in Google Slides.

Duet AI, Turn Ideas into Action and Data into Insights with Google Sheets:

Duet AI lets you analyze and act on your data fast with automated data classification and being ability to create custom plans. No more tedious manual data entry as the context of data could be understood by the classification tool and can assign labels to it. You can now organize, manage, and track everything with Duet AI.

Duet AI, Next-Gen Innovation in Gmail:

Just ask Duet AI to help you when you have more work to finish in less time. You can generate summaries from all relevant sources and it can even generate a while Google slides presentation for you using data from your Gmail. You can talk to your documents, emails, and files and get your work done fast.

Duet AI, Meetings You Will Love to Attend with Google Meet:

Being a remote meeting participant is not a fun experience and is filled with challenges. Your sound, and looks due to a bad internet connection can ruin your heavy scheduled life. This is where Duet AI in Google Meet gives you studio-quality sound, looks, and lighting with automatically translated captions for 18 languages.

Duet AI, Easy to Stay Connected with Google Chat:

Stay ahead of all conversations and even find and solve issues by easily chatting with Duet AI within Google Chat. You can get conversation summarises, document summarises, answers to your questions, and even updates on missed chats.

Ecosystem Growth Around Workspace:

Organizations are working with Google Workspace already to get more done. Google is also growing through partnerships with organizations, that are innovating with generative AI - and pushing on the idea of creating personalized content at scale with Google Workspace.

Duet AI by Google is going to change the way we work regardless of whether you are a developer who needs code assistance for high and fast-quality content or a marketer who wants to get more done in less time while bringing in growth. With Duet AI no matter what your profession is you will get productivity and output you never imagined before. It is a new beginning that will bring new changes and a new way of working productively.

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