Meet Leap AI: Your Personalized Image Generator

Meet Leap AI: Your Personalized Image Generator

Ever thought of creating unrealistic images? That doesn't seem possible in this practical world. But the AI world can make anything possible, isn't it? Modern problems require modern solutions. So here we are with the solution Leap.

But first, let us look at a brief description of Leap:

Leap AI is a platform that lets you generate images (e.g., art, avatars, logos) using pre-trained, open-source models like Openjourney and Stable Diffusion. Like many other AI image generators, it's text-to-image, which means you just type in your prompt using natural language. It is a single platform for everything AI. Generate images, music, and more with best-in-class Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and software development kit (SDK).

So, let us go through a complete step-by-step guide to create our image generator through Leap:

STEP 1: Go to the official website of Leap and sign up for absolutely free. 

You will land on the following page:

STEP 2Click on images of the generic subject option.

STEP 3: Once you're inside the playground, type your prompt in the prompt box, and click Generate.

STEP 4: Wait for a few seconds, and you will have 4 AI-generated images to choose from.

STEP 5: Click on the one you like, download, save, or share it.


When it comes to generating AI images with a prompt, Leap AI works more or less the same way as any other text-to-image app. You enter your prompt, and you'll be given a series of images to choose from. Leap AI lets you play around with their own AI models (and build your own!) directly in any browser first.


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