Meet Noah: Your AI Work Assistant

Meet Noah: Your AI Work Assistant

Have you ever thought of something that could integrate with your favorite productive tools? Or an AI tool from which you can ask questions related to your content? 

Here you go! Noah which is a powerful chatbot that can be integrated with popular tools like Google Drive and Notion. With Noah, you can ask questions, summarize content, and even draft emails. It offers seamless integration with your favorite productivity tools.

Do you know why you should use this AI tool?

  • Noah works like your AI assistant.
  • You can summarize your content with Noah.
  • You can draft emails through Noah.
  • Your favorite productive tools are integrated with Noah (Google Drive, HubSpot, etc.)

Let us see a complete step-by-step guide to get more thorough with this cool AI feature:

STEP 1: Sign up from the official website of Noah.

This is how your landing page will look like once you are done signing up.

STEP 2: Connect your Google Drive and/or Notion with Noah

STEP 3: Select up to 10 files to sync from Google Drive (if you are using a free trial) or 20 (if you are a premium user).

  • After clicking on “Select Files to Sync”, you will get directed to your Google Drive.
  • Select the files and grant them access to read your drive’s files.

STEP 4: Select your files and click on sync.

STEP 5: Once finished syncing, you can ask any questions about those files to Noah



Noah is exceptionally easy to use with the capabilities of ChatGPT which can interact with your hundreds of your Notion and or Google Drive documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Noah Effortlessly delegates tasks like drafting emails. You can get answers to any of your queries related to your files. It is cost-friendly and can fulfill your needs effectively. With a few simple steps, you are good to go with your personalized AI assistant.

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