Meet this new AI platform that allows you to access Llama-2 for free: How to use it?

Meet this new AI platform that allows you to access Llama-2 for free: How to use it?

ChatGPT has recently met with a fresh competitor in the AI language model landscape. The new entrant is Llama-2, an advanced model developed by Meta, but it's made widely accessible thanks to Perplexity, who hosts and offers the model completely free of charge. The most compelling feature of Llama-2 is its ease of use - no account is required. All you need to access this cutting-edge AI is to navigate to Perplexity's lab page at From there, you can interact with Llama-2 freely, and explore the potential and capabilities of this new AI offering. With its global accessibility and no-cost barrier, Llama-2 is set to challenge the dominance of current models, and may well set a new benchmark in AI language modelling.


Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Pick a Model

You have the option to select from three different models: 7B (the quickest), 13B (the moderate choice), and 70B (the most potent one). Here, "B" refers to the number of parameters used in billions.

Step 3: Ask anything and enjoy

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