Bard Now Connects with YouTube, Gmail, Docs..: Here are 5 Best Use Cases for Google Bard Extensions and How to use them

Bard Now Connects with YouTube, Gmail, Docs..: Here are 5 Best Use Cases for Google Bard Extensions and How to use them

How much money have you spent on ChatGPT Plus so far just to use the plugins feature? It may not seem a lot at a glance but when you start adding up the monthly subscription fee you start to realize how expensive it might get. Plugins/ extensions are indeed very useful and can help in a variety of ways, depending on their specific function, such as adding new features, extending the existing functionalities, improving performance, and making tasks easier to perform.

Google Bard was developed by Google AI as a free alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Although Bard is newer than CharGPT, it has access to real-world information due to Google searches. Google Bard has now introduced something that costs you money to get access to ChatGPT. Google Bard has finally introduced extensions to compete head-on with ChatGPT’s plugin features but the big difference is that it costs you no money.

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Google Bard’s extensions feature lets you seamlessly access and connect with 

  • Google Workspace, 
  • YouTube, 
  • Google Maps, 
  • Google Hotels, and 
  • Google Flights

Here are the 5 best use cases for Bard extensions and how to use them but first visit the Bard

  1. Suggested Topics:

The moment you log into Google Bard. It will suggest topics on your home screen. The moment you click on one of the 9 suggestions, it will include a pre-written prompt. 

You can change the topic and or the information in the prompt and get the desired output. You can even refresh and get new suggestions.

  1. Source Double-check:

The new update of Bard allows you to verify the source of the information output provided by Google Bard. 

It will highlight the information in ‘Green color’ if Google Search finds similar content or it will highlight the content in ‘Orange color’ if Google Search can’t find relevant content.

  1. Talk With Email:

Google Bard allows you to ask questions about your emails and summarise emails from your Gmail. Just put ‘@’ and select the Gmail option, then input your query or request you need assistance with.

  1. Finding Flights and Hotels:

You can find the cheapest flights and the best Hotel restaurants in record time with the help of Google Flights, Hotels, and Maps. All that by just entering a simple prompt.

Flights with Google Flights

Hotels with Google Hotels

  1. YouTube:

Google Bard allows you to extract information from YouTube as well. You can get custom video lists on a particular subject or channel. It is simple and easy.


Google Bard might not be the most accurate tool yet it still has an edge over ChatGPT. Bard however is a more advanced and capable language model than ChatGPT. It has access to more information, a better user experience, and a more powerful language model. Bard is also still under development, which means that it is likely to become even better in the future, yet it doesn’t cost you any money. Bard is free to use with free access to vast information and access to extensions for free.


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