Top 10 AI Tools You Can Use For Your Next Presentation

Top 10 AI Tools You Can Use For Your Next Presentation

Plus AI for Google Slides

Perfect for work presentations that need live data in snapshots, Plus AI is a Google Slides add-on. Start with a brief description of your presentation, and let the AI generate an outline that you can customize. 'Snapshots' from web content can be embedded and updated in your slides with just one click.


Ideal for business storytelling, Tome generates narratives from simple prompts, which it turns into presentations or stories with text and images. The app lets you embed live interactive content, such as product mockups and data, and can cite sources or translate content automatically.


Revolutionizing data presentations, STORYD uses a brief summary of your topic to script, design, and generate a presentation in less than a minute. With its storytelling structure and customization options, this tool enhances the communicability and impact of your data. provides a collection of smart slide templates for creating visually appealing presentations swiftly. Its ability to automatically organize and design content is a real time saver, making it great for those with frequent presentation needs.


Decktopus generates a complete deck from a single topic input. Its one-click design feature, auto-adjusted layouts, and image & icon suggestions streamline the presentation creation process. It can also handle generating micro-sites.


If you're in search of a tool capable of producing a presentation or slideshow with ease, GPT_PPT is a worthy candidate. To utilize its features, simply register and detail the content of your desired presentation. GPT_PPT will then take the reins and generate a succinct PowerPoint that encapsulates your specified points.


Gamma combines the depth of documents with the visual appeal of slides. Its AI transforms drafts into professional-looking presentations quickly. The interface allows for nested cards for detailing and embedding various forms of content.


SlidesAI integrates with Google Slides to turn raw text into professionally-styled slides in seconds. It summarizes your input into digestible points and provides automatic subtitles. With over 100 different languages supported, SlidesAI is a game-changer for international presentations.


MagicSlides transforms ideas into professional-looking Google Slides in seconds. Input the topic and slide count, and the app generates a presentation complete with relevant images and layouts. The personalization options and language support make MagicSlides a great tool for international projects.


Presentations.AI is a web-based service that leverages artificial intelligence to craft business presentations. Initiating the process is a breeze - simply choose an AI template and let Presentations.AI take the reins.

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