What's New in Adobe Photoshop Beta 25.0

What's New in Adobe Photoshop Beta 25.0

Adobe Debuts Photoshop 25.0 Beta: Unveiling Generative Expand, the Cutting-Edge AI Outpainting Tool, Powered by Firefly, Adobe's Revolutionary Generative AI Toolset.

Key Updates:

Generative Expand

This feature, embedded in the Crop tool, allows users to extend and reimagine their images according to their creativity. It enables them to expand the canvas, generate various renditions of the enlarged image swiftly, with or without text prompts, offering an effortless way to visually express their imaginations.

Global language support for Generative Fill and Generative Expand

The Photoshop (beta) desktop application is introducing new updates for its Firefly-powered features, Generative Fill and Generative Expand. The new updates will support text prompts in more than 100 languages, enhancing the user experience by allowing creative individuals globally to employ text prompts in their preferred language, thereby enabling them to better realize their artistic visions.

Photoshop 25.0, currently in its beta stage, is available for installation through Adobe's Creative Cloud app. The latest stable version, Photoshop 24.7, is a minor update primarily focusing on bug fixes reported by users, such as lags with Liquify and other filters on macOS.

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