You Can Add or Remove Objects in Real-time Using AI in Adobe Premiere Pro

You Can Add or Remove Objects in Real-time Using AI in Adobe Premiere Pro
You Can Add or Remove Objects in Real-time Using AI in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is introducing generative artificial intelligence (AI) features in 2024, revolutionizing the video editing experience. This update will streamline workflows and enhance creative possibilities for video editors of all levels.

AI powers Adobe's Object Addition and Removal tool and can add or remove items from footage in real-time. This tool significantly lessens the time spent on manual editing tasks, freeing up valuable time for editors to focus on their creative vision.

The Generative Extend feature allows users to add frames to extend clips for smoother transitions. It simplifies adjusting timing within a sequence, offering greater flexibility and control over editing.

Adobe is launching new generative AI audio features, which include interactive fade handles, audio category tagging, effect badges, and redesigned waveforms. These features improve sound editing capabilities and will be available starting May 2024. With these tools, editors can achieve professional-grade audio results quickly and easily.

Adobe will introduce a text-to-video generator in Premiere Pro by 2025. This tool will allow editors to generate B-roll footage or brainstorm video ideas directly from text prompts or reference images, streamlining the content creation.

Adobe has integrated third-party generative AI models into Premiere Pro, such as those from OpenAI, Runway, and Pika Labs. This integration provides users with various options to improve their video editing workflows, allowing them to push the creative boundaries.

In Conclusion:

Adobe Premiere Pro is introducing AI-powered features that will revolutionize video editing. Using generative AI, Adobe addresses common editing challenges and allows editors to discover new levels of creativity and efficiency. Adobe is leading the way in integrating human creativity and artificial intelligence, shaping the future of visual storytelling.

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