Build Your Pro Website Now: 7 AI Tools to Get You Online This Week

Build Your Pro Website Now: 7 AI Tools to Get You Online This Week

Last time we covered how to convert a sketch into a website design in Figma. Now let’s talk about how you can generate a website using artificial intelligence (AI). Having a website completely positively changes your market presence. Businesses and working professionals in 2024 need a website to showcase themselves and what they present/ offer. Having a website widely increases your reach leading to more brand collaborations, partnerships, sales, revenue, and connections.

Having a website in the past was a big deal as you had to get yourself a web developer or a whole team of developers to create and maintain your website. However, times have changed and so has technology - you can use AI tools to generate your own personalized AI-generated websites for your business, professional achievement showcasing, shops, and more. 

Here are the AI website generators that will change your professional presence:

Hostinger AI:*

Turn your dream website into reality with Hostinger's AI Website Builder. Simply share your brand details and preferences, and let the advanced AI generate a custom website tailored to fit your needs. Use the drag-and-drop editor for easy customization. From a custom logo to SEO-friendly content, Hostinger's AI has you covered for everything you could possibly need. No coding is required - just start blogging, selling, and running your service business with AI-powered solutions for your website needs.

At, take your online presence effortlessly to the next level with AI-customized web pages for paid ads, SEO, and sales. Boosting your organic metrics over by 12 times, by generating tailored pages for every visitor, and accelerating growth, SEO, and retention rate. Perfect for SEO, lifecycle, and content teams, combine the latest trend and prospect data for superior pages. With Launch Control you can schedule future pages for consistent content delivery, optimizing timing for strategic goals.


Launch your online store with ease using Shopify's user-friendly tools. Customize your store's design using drag-and-drop features and choose from a variety of free and premium themes. You can improve functionality with apps from trusted partners. It is easy to craft a unique brand identity by generating a strong business name and creating a free logo. Establish a custom web domain and personalize your site with high-resolution images. Source your products easily from independent brands without needing to manage inventory. Start selling with a free trial, accessing all the essential features to kickstart, run, and grow your business.


WebWave redefines website creation with its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, freehand canvas, and layered design control. The AI effortlessly generates SEO-optimized content and builds websites in minutes. Seamlessly transform your site into an online store, supported by secure payment and shipping integration. The WebWave SEO analyzer enhances blog performance, while custom domains, professional mailboxes, and secure hosting ensure a robust online presence. WebWave allows users to create unique, professional websites with ease.


This new no-code design powerhouse – effortlessly creates pixel-perfect layouts, with dynamic animations, and real-time collaborates possible. STUDIO takes care of all coding complexities. You can make engaging forms, customize animations, and optimize for search engines (SEO) with ease. Import designs from Figma, watch breakpoints auto-generate, and publish instantly. STUDIO AI, responds to a single line of feedback, freeing up engineering resources. Go beyond the speed of thought.


Framer allows teams to design and publish stunning websites easily. Effortlessly import your designs from Figma, add captivating effects, and visually connect pages seamlessly. Deploy the website in seconds with automatic search engine optimization (SEO). Scale yourself effortlessly with built-in CMS, AI-powered localization, and maintenance tools. Make your site for global audiences with localized text, adaptive designs, and content per locale. Framer ensures your website is both visually striking and optimally performing.

Dora AI:

Dora AI completely redefines web design by turning a single prompt into an award-winning, editable website with its text-to-website feature. The 3D Interaction Generator transforms static designs into immersive experiences, while Advanced AI Animation completely automates complex processes. You can even import 3D objects, to create mind-blowing effects without needing to code. Dora AI can be used by designers of all levels, making it easy for them to craft websites of any size and unleashing the power of 3D web design.

Anyone can now have the luxury of having a website without needing to spend that luxury amount. Making a website is easier than ever before as all you need is a vision and clicking a few buttons. As said before times have changed and so has technology. You can let AI generate a website and craft SEO-optimized content for you to rank without difficulties. You might now never know what is AI generated and what might not be but you need to take full advantage of this process. Here is how you can generate a website design from a simple sketch

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