Sketch to Design Magic: Create Working Websites Designs with This Figma Plugin

Sketch to Design Magic: Create Working Websites Designs with This Figma Plugin

Figma is one of the most popular collaborative design tools for creating well-meaning product designs, attracting millions monthly users. Figma allows you to collaborate in real time with your team, creating realistic prototypes, and even assisting developers to translate designs into codes. Figma is mostly used by people with technical design and coding knowledge/ experience, however, there are times when even a non-technical person can use Figma to create outstanding things for example: Creating a product card with Figma auto layout.

Now with this Figma tool, you can create and convert your sketch into designs. You do not need any past experience hence, making it very beginner-friendly. All you need to do to start using the tool is follow the following steps one by one.

Step 1: Go to Figma and open a new page. 

Step 2: Go to Resources then Widgets. In the search bar enter “Sketch to Design” and click on the one similar to the following.

Step 3: Enter your OpenAI API and sketch the design you want.

Step 4: Click on Export Drawing and enter a prompt to help the tool better understand your idea - and wait.  

Step 5: A fully functioning Figma layout will be generated that you can play around with.

Figma is an amazing tool with endless potential but it’s only because of people like Ollie Martunov who created this new Sketch to Design tool for Figma and all credit goes to Ollie. Figma has helped teams get to great success and build great products. There are and will not be any stops in the growth of Figma anytime soon. Even if you are a beginner and never tried Figma before now is the best time with tools like Sketch to design which allows you to generate designs from simple sketches or create a product card with Figma auto layout.

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